Saturday, June 18

Tribe Trivia Answers

Round 7: Final
1) What rank does Wahoo hold?

2) What was the most recent Indians minor-league affiliate to win a league championship?
Columbus Clippers, 2011

3) What number does Jack Hannahan wear?

4) Who owns the Indians in Major League?
Rachel Phelps

5) Where is the Spring Training home of the Indians?
Goodyear, AZ

6) How many home runs did Duane Kuiper hit in his 3754 career plate appearances?

7) Who is the Indians' third-base coach?
Steve Smith

8) Progressive Field's address is at 2401 _________? (State, City, and zip not necessary)
Ontario St

9) Amuse me with something Indians-related.
Various answers acceptable. I'll go with that time a bunch of birds were on the field and the game-winning hit kicked off of one before Coco Crisp of the Royals could field it.

10) Name the seven years the Indians have claimed AL Central championships.
1995-2000, 01, 07

Round 6: Potent Potables

1) How big is the biggest unit of beer one can buy at Progressive Field this year?
24 oz

2) What product's advertisement on the LF scoreboard did Mark McGwire memorably tag with a 1997 home run estimated at 523 feet?

3) Whose "Honey Brown" is available at Progressive Field this year?
JW Dundee

4) What local (Ohio) brewer (other than Great Lakes)'s wares are available at the ballpark?
Brew Kettle

5) What beer did Major League star Bob Uecker shill for back in the '80's?
Miller Lite

Round 4: From the Archives

1) What Indians player recorded an unassisted triple play in the club's first World Series? (Bonus for correct spelling).
Bill Wambsganss

2) Who preceded Mike Hargrove as Tribe manager?
John McNamara

3) What former Indian broke the color barrier in the American League?
Larry Doby

4) What two years were the Indians World Series Champions? (1 point for each)
1920, 1948

5) Who was the last primarily knuckleball starter to pitch for Cleveland?
Tom Candiotti

6) Who was the last Indian to be named league MVP?
Al Rosen

7) For how long did the Indians' longest pennant drought last?
41 years (1954-1995)

8) Where did the Wahoos call home before Municipal Stadium?
League Park

9) What was the Akron Aeros franchise called from 1989-1996?
Canton-Akron Indians

10) Name as many of the Indians' six AL batting champions as you can (six names only).
Bobby Avila, Lou Boudreau, Lew Fonseca, Lou Marson (kidding), Lou Brown (still kidding!), Tris Speaker, Nap Lajoie, Elmer Flick

Round 3: 2012

1) What Tribe reliever struck out a batter in each of his first 21 appearances this season?
Vinnie Pestano

2) Among the 14 AL teams, where do the Indians rank in attendance?

3) What is the former Fausto Carmona's real name?
Roberto Hernandez

4 )Which Indians regular currently sports the highest OBP (fyi Travis Hafner does not have enough plate appearances)?
Asdrubal Cabrera

5) Who leads the club in both HR and RBI?
Jason Kipnis

6) Which Indians starter leads the club in ERA (Hint: it's not Ubaldo Jimenez)?
Justin Masterson

7) Two Indian position players put up OPS+ values of 4 in limited duty this year. Name them (1 point each)
Jason Donald, Matt LaPorta

8) What is the Indians' record?

9) Which two players have walk-off hits for the Indians in 2012? (1 point each)
Cabrera, Carlos Santana

10) Do the Detroit Tigers and Chicago White Sox suck?
Anything affirmative counts

Round 2: Photos

1) Jason Kipnis
2) Cory Snyder
3) Dennis Eckersley
4) Alex Cole
5) Justin Masterson
6) Albert Belle (and Fernando Vina)
7) Rocky Colavito
8) Jody Gerut
9) Omar Vizquel
10) Cliff Lee

Round 1: General

1) Who hit the home run off of Jose Canseco's head in 1993? (Bonus: what word does Canseco end many of his tweets with)?
Carlos Martinez, and "hugs"

2) For what university does Tom Hamilton's son, Nick, play baseball?
Kent State

3) What color did the Indians phase out of their uniforms in the 2000's?

4) Who is the Tribe fan who has been pummeling his bass drum at games since 1973?
John Adams

5) Who won the 1995 AL MVP in a criminally unfair vote over Albert Belle?
Mo Vaughn

6) Which of the 8 primary compass directions does a ball struck to CF in Progressive Field travel?
North (look it up!)

7) Who holds the Tribe's single-season mark for home runs, with 52?
Jim Thome

8) What is the name of the Indians' Class-A affiliate in Carolina?
Carolina Mudcats

9) What is the Indians-Reds season series nicknamed?
The Ohio Cup

10) Who is the Indians' General Manager?
Chris Antonetti

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