Saturday, June 23

Tribe Trivia Round 4: From the Archives

As part of the annual Tribe Weekend festivities, I constructed an Indians-themed trivia game and decided to post it here on FCF just for fun. Here's round four, which I called "From the Archives," as it deals with some less-than-recent Tribe history. Good luck, and no Googling!

Answers can be found here. Take your best guess first!

1) What Indians player recorded an unassisted triple play in the club's first World Series? (Bonus for correct spelling).

2) Who preceded Mike Hargrove as Tribe manager?

3) What former Indian broke the color barrier in the American League?

4) What two years were the Indians World Series Champions? (1 point for each)

5) Who was the last primarily knuckleball starter to pitch for Cleveland?

6) Who was the last Indian to be named league MVP?

7) For how long did the Indians' longest pennant drought last?

8) Where did the Wahoos call home before Municipal Stadium?

9) What was the Akron Aeros franchise called from 1989-1996?

10) Name as many of the Indians' six AL batting champions as you can (six names only).

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Figgs said...

Wow these are tough, I'm not great with stuff before my time. Larry Doby broke the color barrier and the Tribe won the World Series in 1948 and I think 1920. Not positive on that second one. I feel like I remember hearing John Hart was manager for a bit before he was GM, don't know if he was right before Grover or not.