Monday, June 25

Tribe Trivia Round 6: Potent Potables

As part of the annual Tribe Weekend festivities, I constructed an Indians-themed trivia game and decided to post it here on FCF just for fun.

Answers can be found here. Take your best guess first!

I know I didn't post a Round 5 - during the competition, it was in fact the Music Round. Last year's songs were all Cleveland sports- and Indians-related, but frankly I ran out of those, so this year's edition was all Ohio bands. One player jokingly accused me of culturally-biasing the music round, and so perhaps I did, but I didn't feel like shelling out $1.29 for "Tha Crossroads." The tunes I played snippets from were( see if you can guess the band):

"Lonely Boy"
"My City Was Gone"
"The Beautiful People"
"Funk #49"
"Whip It"

Round 6 was, in best Celebrity Jeopardy! tradition, the "Potent Potables" round. Good luck to you all:

1) How big is the biggest unit of beer one can buy at Progressive Field this year?

2) What product's advertisement on the LF scoreboard did Mark McGwire memorably tag with a 1997 home run estimated at 523 feet?

3) Whose "Honey Brown" is available at Progressive Field this year?

4) What local brewer (other than Great Lakes)'s wares are available at the ballpark?

5) What beer did Major League star Bob Uecker shill for back in the '80's?

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