Friday, June 22

Tribe Trivia Round 3: 2012

As part of the annual Tribe Weekend festivities, I constructed an Indians-themed trivia game and decided to post it here on FCF just for fun. Here's round three, all about the Wahoos' 2012 campaign.

Answers can be found here. Take your best guess first!

1) What Tribe reliever struck out a batter in each of his first 21 appearances this season?

2) Among the 14 AL teams, where do the Indians rank in attendance?

3) What is the former Fausto Carmona's real name?

4 )Which Indians regular currently sports the highest OBP (fyi Travis Hafner does not have enough plate appearances)?

5) Who leads the club in both HR and RBI?

6) Which Indians starter leads the club in ERA (Hint: it's not Ubaldo Jimenez)?

7) Two Indian position players put up OPS+ values of 4 in limited duty this year. Name them (1 point each)

8) What is the Indians' record?

9) Which two players have walk-off hits for the Indians in 2012? (1 point each)

10) Do the Detroit Tigers and Chicago White Sox suck?

1 comment:

Figgs said...

1. Nick Hagadone. Pestano seems like the obvious choice here, and I feel like you would want me to guess that.
2. 13th. Gonna give us the benfefit of the doubt there. Maybe ahead of Oakland?
3. Roberto Hernanadez
4. Asdrubal Cabrera. I know he has the highesat average and Santana's is bad, but he gets a lot of walks though. Not sure on this one.
5. Jason Kipnis
6. Derek Lowe. He's been awful as of late but his competition isn't great either. Masterson has to be getting close, but he was bad there for awhile.
7. Aaron Cunningham and Shelly Duncan?
8. I know four games over .500. 37-33?
9. ASDRUBAL CABRERA!! I know when you did this he didn't have that walk-off homer, but that was awesome. I'm also going to go with Jack Hannahan and Travis Hafner, pretty much as guesses. I really can't think of any that have happened.
10. And swallow.