Tuesday, June 26

Tribe Trivia Round 7: Final

As part of the annual Tribe Weekend festivities, I constructed an Indians-themed trivia game and decided to post it here on FCF just for fun. Here's the final round: nine general Indians questions and one final seven-point question. I hate quiz games that have everything riding on one arbitrarily-weighted final question (yes, Jeopardy!, I know it's better for TV that way, but it's a terrible way to decide a winner) so this game has no such thing.

Answers can be found here. Take your best guess first!

Good luck, and no Googling!

1) What rank does Wahoo hold?

2) What was the most recent Indians minor-league affiliate to win a league championship?

3) What number does Jack Hannahan wear?

4) Who owns the Indians in Major League?

5) Where is the Spring Training home of the Indians?

6) How many home runs did Duane Kuiper hit in his 3754 career plate appearances?

7) Who is the Indians' third-base coach?

8) Progressive Field's address is at 2401 _________? (State, City, and zip not necessary)

9) Amuse me with something Indians-related.

10) Name the seven years the Indians have claimed AL Central championships.


Figgs said...

1. Chief
2. AAA Buffalo Bisons
3. #9
4. Rachel Phelps
5. Arizona
6. 4?
7. Steve Smith
8. Ontario St
9. Remember when Jason Grimsley climbed through the rafters to steal back Albert Belle's confiscated corked bat?
10. '94, '95, '96, '97, '98, '04, '07

Andy said...

I can't count Bisons, I'm afraid - they've been a Mets affiliate since '09, though it was indeed our AAA club from last year.

Definitely a point for you on #9. Someone actually missed that one. Someone missed #1 also.

There was no division title in '94! The Wahoos were 1 GB when the strike started.

Figgs said...

I knew the Bisons weren't ours anymore, I just forgot that our AAA team won last year. Took a guess on the Bisons possibly winning in the late 2000s when they were still with us.

How many HRs did that guy hit, and who the hell was he?

Was this someone that missed #1 possibly a retarded child living in Taiwan?

Oh man, dumb gaff on my part. I knew they won 5 straight in the 90s, must have been 95-99. Rookie mistake.

Joe Figgs said...

(FYI, I wrote my answers down before reading these comments)

1. Chief
2. Lake County Captains (just a guess on this one)
3. #9
4. Rachel Phelps
5. Goodyear, Arizona (The former home was Chain of Lakes Ballpark in Florida. Bonus points???)
6. Zero. I believe Kuiper never hit a homer. (Jason, Kuiper played in the Rick Manning days. FYI, he is the current color commentator for the San Francisco Giants. More bonus points???)
7. Steve Smith
8. Ontario St
9. I was in attendence at the Jake for 2 Tribe walkoff Grand Slams. One by Sandy Alomar, and one by Bill Selby off Mariano Rivera.
10. 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 01, 07

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