Friday, November 27

"Expletive aired"

That was the actual title of an article on Who gives a fuck?

DENVER -- The NFL Network accidentally aired a vulgarity yelled by Denver Broncos coach Josh McDaniels as he chastised his players on the sideline of their Thanksgiving night game against the New York Giants.
Oh no! Cursing in football!

Coming out of a commercial break following a series of false starts near the goal line that resulted in Denver settling for a field goal, the NFL Network showed a clip of McDaniels, who yelled at his players: "All we're trying to do is win a (expletive) game!"
It was "fucking."

The vulgarity was clearly audible to viewers, and announcer Bob Papa immediately apologized to viewers.
The name "Bob Papa" is the gift that keeps on giving.

"We want to apologize for that audio as we went to the last break that got out over the air. We do send our sincerest apologizes for the Josh McDaniels audio that got out there," Papa told viewers.
Those apologies aren't sincere, nor should they be. They're perfunctory.

In an interview with The Associated Press and the Denver Post, Eric Weinberger, executive producer of the NFL Network, apologized to viewers and to McDaniels for the "terrible mistake."
Has the word "terrible" been this devalued? Wars are terrible. This is trivial.

He said no one in the production trucks heard the profanity.

"No one heard it as it was said. It would never have been aired," Weinberger said. "It was at the end of a clip, so we missed it."

He said he heard the profanity at the same time everyone else did.

His reaction?

"I probably said the same thing" as McDaniels did, Weinberger acknowledged.

Fuckin right!

"We're not in this business to do that," Weinberger said. "We're in this business to show sports and to show the most emotion that we can show. And the guy is an incredibly emotional, passionate guy."
If you can't deal with the occasional F-bomb during a sports telecast, don't watch sports. It's that simple.

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