Saturday, November 28

NFL Picks: Week 12

Last week
Andy: 9-7
Figgs: 9-7
Nick: 7-9
Nick's Money Picks ($): 1-4

Year to date
Andy: 89-71
Figgs: 81-79
Nick: 82-78
Nick's Money Picks ($): 24-21

Thursday games
12:30 pm kickoff

LIONS (+10.5) vs Packers
Andy: Way too many points. The Lions are coming off an energizing win, the Pack didn't cover at home against a suspect 49er team, and Thanksgiving brings out the best in Detroit.
Figgs: Stafford and maybe CJ are out. I like the Pack big here.
Nick: Packers huge. The Pack are getting their act together, and Detroit is even worse than normal without the Staff Infection. Plus, Detroit will be more complacent coming off a win. ($)

4:15 pm kickoff
COWBOYS (-13.5) vs Raiders
Andy: I picked the Cowboys to win giving a lot of points last week and picked the Raiders to lose getting a lot, and got both wrong. I refuse to learn my lesson. Dallas.
Figgs: I think these first two lines should have been switched. This is a tough one for me, but I'll go 'Boys.
Nick: I'll go Raiders here. The Cowboys haven't looked good the last two weeks, and the Raiders seem to be playing harder for B-Grad.

8:20 pm kickoff
BRONCOS (+6.5) vs Giants
Andy: In all my time operating this blog and predicting NFL games and lines, I've never missed a guess worse than I did this one. Broncos.
Figgs: I'm with Nick here, it's time for the G-Men to start getting things together.
Nick: Giants. The book is out on the Broncos, and they're banged up at quarterback. The Broncos have lost by 23, 18, 10, and 29 points respectively in the last 4 weeks. Thanks for letting me back in the game, Francis. ($ -6)

Sunday games
1:00 pm kickoffs

BENGALS (-14) vs Browns
Andy: It's too bad we can't just go play the Lions again - that was fun, for the first 60 minutes anyway. The last zero minutes were not. Browns.
Figgs: Cincy wins this by 20+.
Nick: Browns. If the Browns can score some points again, I think that Cincy wins but doesn't cover.

FALCONS (-11.5) vs Bucs
Andy: I wanted to reflexively take Atlanta here, because after a few inspired weeks, I think Tuberculosis has fallen back to earth. Yet the Falcons haven't done much to inspire confidence in me, losing to Carolina and the Giants. I the end, I'm putting my pick on the Georgia Dome and going ATL.
Figgs: The ATL has not done as well for me this year, but I'll stick with them against a sorry TB team.
Nick: I'm going Atlanta here, too.

BILLS (+3.5) vs Dolphins
Andy: Dolphins, I suppose. I would never bet this game.
Figgs: I would surely bet this game. The Jills blow. Miami.
Nick: I'd bet it too. The Dolphins are a playoff caliber club. ($ -3)

RAMS (+3) vs Seahawks
Andy: The Rams are improving, having covered three consecutive spreads despite their 1-9 mark. The 'Hawks, meanwhile, are 3-7 ATS this year, have only a win over the Lions to their credit in their past five outings, and are quietly becoming one of the league's crummiest teams. I'll take the Rams and the points.
Figgs: I'm not really comfortable taking either of these teams. 'Hawks.
Nick: I might have to check Jackson's status again before kickoff, but I'm going to go Rams here.

JETS (-3) vs Panthers
Andy: Take what I wrote above and make the following substitutions: "Panthers" for "Rams", "three of four" for "three consecutive", "4-6" for "1-9", "Jets" for "'Hawks", "4-6" for "3-7", "Raiders" for "Lions," "seven" for "five", and "Panthers" for "Rams."
Figgs: Didn't that take more effort to do all that than it would have to just write it over? Jets.
Nick: Panthers. The Jets shouldn't be favored in this game.

EAGLES (-9) vs Redskins
Andy: The Redskins have righted their ship somewhat, with a win over Denver and a near-upset of Dallas. However, Philly needs this one, and already toppled the Redskins by 10 in Washington a month ago. I'll take the Eagles.
Figgs: Washington's D looks inspired, but I'm still going Philly here.
Nick: Redskins. The Eagles just haven't put it together like I thought they would.

TEXANS (+3.5) vs Colts
Andy: This was a late line, but it looks like Manning is playing. Nevertheless, I'm going for Houston here.
Figgs: I like this Houston team this year, but why would anyone pick against Peyton? Indy.
Nick: Houston always plays Indy close, and the Colts' secondary is banged up. I'll take the points.

4:00 pm kickoffs
CHARGERS (-13.5) vs Chieves
Andy: As much as I like taking the Chieves this year, and as much as I owe them a debt for knocking off Pittsburgh, I can't take them here. The Chargers are on a serious roll with five straight wins (including a mauling of Denver), and KC won their Super Bowl last week. Bolts.
Figgs: I've been picking with these high lines this year, and it's been working out pretty well for me. But I'm gonna flip the switch here and go KC.
Nick: I've gotta go Chargers here too.

49ERS (-3) vs Jags
Andy: The 49ers have covered twice for me in the past two weeks by a combined 1.5 points. Combine that with my reluctance to ever, ever take Jax on the road, and I'm rolling San Fiasco.
Figgs: Two overrated teams. Garrard is more consistent than whoever SanFran's QB is, and MJD is way more talented than anyone else on the field. Jax.
Nick: The Jaguars are rounding into form, and they'll keep their playoff hopes alive here.

VIKINGS (-10.5) vs Bears
Andy: Come on. Vikings. Why would you want the Bears in this. Seriously, shoot me an e-mail.
Figgs: I'm still mad at Cutler for that Niners game, and I've been mad at Forte all year for sucking in fantasy. Vikes.
Nick: Vikings, although Peterson's status seems to be up in the air. ($ -7)

TITANS (-3) vs Cardinals
Andy: Vince Young wins football games. Titans. While we're here, MNF was a lesson in how close these picks are; Houston's kicker misses a 50-yarder and Tennessee's nails his, and I lose. Flip those late kicks around, I win. That's just how NFL picking goes. Still, the Titties are a fun story - what if they win five or six straight after that awful 0-6 start? I want to see it.
Figgs: Five or six? What if VY pulls off 10 straight and makes the playoffs? I'd love to see it, but wouldn't count on it. Cards.
Nick: Remember earlier this year when I was picking against the Titans until I had a reason not to? Now the opposite applies. Tennessee.

8:20 pm kickoffs
RAVENS (-8) vs Steelers
Andy: Ratbirds.
Figgs: Steelers.
Nick: I couldn't take the Steelers getting fewer than 10. Worthlessberger's out, and almost as important, Polamalu's still out. Tough call, but I'll go Ratbirds.

Monday Night Game
8:30 pm kickoff

SAINTS (-2) vs Patriots
Andy: I don't feel strongly here, but I like the Saints way more than the Patriots and don't mind giving two to a 10-0 team at home on Monday night.
Figgs: Pats, for the sole reason of needing Brady to outplay Brees in fantasy.
Nick: Patriots. The Pats are my pick to win the title right now.

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Andy said...

Nick: Giants. The book is out on the Broncos, and they're banged up at quarterback. The Broncos have lost by 23, 18, 10, and 29 points respectively in the last 4 weeks. Thanks for letting me back in the game, Francis. ($ -6)
Anytime, Allburn.