Thursday, November 19

NFL picks: Week 11

Nick picked up a game on me last week by virtue of the Baltimore Ravens.

Nick's Edit: I picked up a game by virtue of any of the number of games on which I beat you.

Last week
Andy: 7-8
Figgs: 4-10
Nick: 8-7
Nick's Money Picks ($): 3-3

Year to date
Andy: 80-64
Figgs: 72-72
Nick: 75-69
Nick's Money Picks ($): 23-17

Thursday game
8:00 pm kickoff

PANTHERS (-3) vs Dolphins
Andy: The Panthers have put themselves back together after a disastrous start and are playing solid football. Couple that with Ronnie Brown's season ending for the Dolphins, and I like Carolina here.
Figgs: Miami contiues to screw me each week. Without Brown, I'll go Cats.
Nick: Nick told me over the phone Monday night that he was taking Carolina. Correct.

Sunday games
1:00 pm kickoffs

LIONS (-3.5) vs Browns
Andy: I said today that I thought the Browns could win this, but I don't know if I really think that. Browns.
Figgs: The Lions probably win this fairly easily, but if there's even a chance we can win a game, I have to pick us, right? Browns.
Nick: Lions. Thanks guys. ($ -4)

COWBOYS (-11) vs Redskins
Andy: I certainly didn't see the Cowboys getting dominated like they did against the Pack last Sunday, and I think Washington surprised a lot of people with their performance last week. I see a lot of mean-regressing here, and a Dallas cover.
Figgs: I see the Skins coming back down to reality here and Dallas covering.
Nick: This feels like a layup Dallas cover. ($ -10)

PACKERS (-6.5) vs 49ers
Andy: This line baffles me. I guessed the Packers (-1)! Thus, I feel compelled to take the 49ers, even though it's unlikely Aaron Rodgers will throw 5 INT's their way like Jay Cutler did last Thursday.
Figgs: This is a little higher than I thought as well, but I'm still going with the Pack.
Nick: I have no faith in the San Francisco offense - they couldn't score more than 10 against the unbelievably bad Bears defense.

CHIEVES (+10) vs Steelers
Andy: KC has been fun for me this year, and I hate the Steelers, so let's roll the Chieves.
Figgs: Steelers.
Nick: Steelers. They're going to be pissed after last week. ($)

GIANTS (-6.5) vs Falcons
Andy: It's the Battle of Teams Who Started Well But Faded Into Mediocrity! I would stick with my guns and take ATL, not necessarily out of loyalty, but more out of I thought I'd only get three with them, but I'm taking a post-bye-week Giant team due for a rebound.
Figgs: Big game for both teams. The Giants probably win, but the line is too high for me. ATL.
Nick: Tough game to pick. I'll take the Falcons because New York's secondary is awful.

BUCS (+11.5) vs Saints
Andy: Saints. The Bucs had their fun the past couple of weeks, and New Orleans has struggled early in a couple of games, but that ends here.
Figgs: I'm with Andy. Saints.
Nick: The Bucs are due for a blowout. Saints.

JAGS (-9) vs Buffaloes
Andy: Who do you think is happier this week: the people at, or the people at Or perhaps the folks at I counted roughly 70 Facebook pages recommending Jauron's ouster (including the classy "Dick Jauron Has a Vagina"), which was still fewer than Eric Mangini's (Mangina) total, mostly because Mangini has alienated two fan bases and Jets fans didn't bother to remove their pages. Jacksonville, in front of 9,000 lucky spectators.
Figgs: The Jags are quietly right in the thick of the playoff race, and the Jills are flat out terrible. Jax.
Nick: I don't see myself picking Buffalo much down the stretch. Jags.

RAVENS (+1) vs Colts
Andy: Can I really take a team that played the Browns to a scoreless draw for a half against a 9-0 club? Nope, especially when I absolutely fucking hate said team. Indy.
Figgs: I'd probably take Indy -6.5.
Nick: This line is off by a full touchdown. Go Colts!

VIKINGS (-10.5) vs Seahawks
Andy: I simply do not take Seattle on the road. Minnesota.
Figgs: Vikings.
Nick: Damn, I'm giving alot of points this week. Vikes, also.

4:00 pm kickoffs
RAMS (+9.5) vs Cardinals
Andy: Only 9.5? Arizona.
Figgs: This is too low. The Cards have been a surprisingly great road team this year.
Nick: I mirror those sentiments. Cards. ($)

PATRIOTS (-9.5) vs Jets
Andy: This is one of those games where I feel like maybe I should take the road underdog, but can't necessarily find any legitimate reason to, so I'm not going to. New England.
Figgs: I'll take the Pats by double-digits.
Nick: I love how Rex Ryan gets no shit from the media because he gives them sound bytes. Eric Mangini was a decent coach in NY and they couldn't wait to axe him. Funny stuff. Pats.

RAIDERS (+9.5) vs Bengals
Andy: Only 9.5? Cincy.
Figgs: I don't really see Bruce Gradkowski turning this team around. Bengals.
Nick: The Bengals usually aren't good at covering big numbers, but can you really pick the Raiders if you're getting less than double digits? 'Nati.

BRONCOS (+4.5) vs Chargers
Andy: Subbing in Chris Simms for an injured Kyle Orton actually works against me, because I really wanted to pick against the suddenly-bad Broncos in favor of the suddenly-good Bolts. I'm still taking San Diago, but the points are less favorable than they would be and Simms probably isn't a huge downgrade.
Figgs: Chargers.
Nick: I'm pretty much going Chargers unless it's over 10. Chargers it is - Andy

8:20 pm kickoffs
BEARS (+3) vs Eagles
Andy: Can't back Jay Cutler after last week. Can't. Philly.
Figgs: Jay Cutler cost me a win last week, and I said I wouldn't make that mistake again. Philly.
Nick: The Bears have been a secretly lousy team for most of the season. People are finally acknowledging that, although Vegas apparently doesn't know that yet. Eagles. ($)

Monday Night Game
8:30 pm kickoff

TEXANS (-3) vs Titans
Andy: A slightly better matchup than last week's MNF, no? There are two compelling arguments here in favor of Tennessee: for one, Vince Young wins football games. For two, this game gives the Texans an opportunity to get back to .500 for losing. However, I developed (too late) an appreciation for teams coming off a bye week, which Houston is. Let's hope I'm jumping back off the Titan bandwagon at the right moment. Texans.
Figgs: A couple of weeks ago this looked like it'd be a real dud, but both teams have been playing real well as of late. I like VY to keep winning. Titans.
Nick: I'm going Texans here too. The Bills were tied with the Titans until they imploded in the fourth quarter.

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Nick: Lions. Thanks guys. ($ -4)