Monday, December 1

Multi-sport quick hits

I need to see Josh Cribbs throw at least one pass. Please. This is ridiculous. I'm not saying that Ken Dorsey shouldn't be the starter, but can't we do something where Cribbs throws it? The dude was a QB in college, after all, and a fairly prolific one.

Notice how I haven't said anything about the game yesterday? Notice how I'm not going to?

I'm pleased as punch at how the wine and gold have started off strong, gobbling up wins en route to a 14-3 record and a perfect 9-0 mark at home. I love how they cane out last week with four games in five days and just mauled everyone they played.

The one thing to mention here, which Doug and I touched on earlier, is that they haven't been playing especially strong competition. This is both good and bad. It's good in that they're keeping up their focus and intensity level, beating teams they should beat, and keeping well-rested in the process. Good teams do this. It's bad in that we don't fully know how well they'll perform against the better teams. The three losses are all narrow road losses to teams that sit among the NBA's top clubs. As the season wears on, it will be interesting to see how the Cavs play night in and night out against a bit more stringent competition. Right now they're on pace for 68 wins. They won't get that, but 55+ is very real for this well-balanced team.

As for playing those good teams: well, you're just going to have to wait another week. This week we get the Knicks and Pacers at home and Charlotte on the road. Combined record: 19-29. No reason los Caballeros can't post another undefeated record and push their mark to 17-3.

I also expect the Tribe to go undefeated this week.


Figgs said...

These last few games could be like the end of the '02 season, when Couch was on his way out and Kelly Holcomb was starting, with Kevin Johnson, Frisman Jackson, and Dennis Northcutt all taking snaps at QB.

Andy said...

Didn't we make the playoffs that year?

I'm just annoyed that we're probably going to line up Cribbs in shotgun formation and do a bunch of obvious running plays and not keep the defense honest by even trying a pass. And not play Jerome Harrison.

Figgs said...

You're right, it wasn't that year, it must have been a few years before. I just remember a game against the Eagles at the end of the year where we didn't really have a QB and we just ran a bunch of weird formations with our WR's at QB.