Sunday, December 7

NFL picks: Week 14

Andy finally took a losing week at 7-8, and thus vows never to bet against the Browns again (they covered by 1/2 point).

Last Week
Andy: 7-8
Figgs: 5-10
Nick: 8-7
Nick's Money Picks: 1-2

Year to Date
Andy: 106-80-5
Figgs: 83-88-5
Nick: 100-86-5
Nick's Money Picks: 18-17

Thursday game

CHARGERS (-9.5) vs Raiders
Andy: San Diego is a 4-8 team with a +16 point differential on the season. They've lost three straight close ones to quality teams and now, returning home for a midweek night game, they get Oakland, which is not a quality team. They beat the Raiders in Oaktown by 10 the first time out, and I see that happening again.
Figgs: San Diego eventually, sometime has to start playing better, right?
Nick: Chargers (-9). The way this line moved initially makes me think that the wise guys in Vegas know something. Chargers in an easy cover.

Sunday games

TITANS (-13.5) vs Browns
Andy: Like I said, Browns 4-eva.
Figgs: That's a lot of points, and you never know with the Browns. Cleveland, I guess.
Nick: Titans. I don't like giving that many points, but I think Tennessee wins by at least a two TD margin.

BEARS (-6.5) vs Jaguars
Andy: After going out and getting smacked up on the road by Houston, I foresee a similar fate for the Jags. I don't love the Bears, but I see them taking this by a TD or more.
Figgs: Bears, for the aforementioned reasons.
Nick: Bears. The Jags are laying down, their o-line is in shambles, and it's going to be like 20 degrees at Soldier Field.

LIONS (+9.5) vs Vikings
Andy: This is Detroit's season here, by far their best chance to avoid 0-16, against a team they should have beaten on the road earlier this year. Lions.
Figgs: Vikes.
Nick: Ugh. Vikings. Explain to me how Detroit's going to score and/or stop Peterson.

PACKERS (-6) vs Texans
Andy: Nick tricked me into the Pack last week, but I actually like them this time.
Figgs: Packers.
Nick: Packers, although the spread's a little too high for me to bet on it.

COLTS (-13.5) vs Bengals
Andy: Cincy, too many points.
Figgs: I hate the Bungles. Lets go Colts.
Nick: Cincy. The Colts are squeaking by with pretty close wins. This spread is too high.

SAINTS (-3) vs Falcons
Andy: Two of my favorite teams to take with essentially a neutral line! What to do? Take the home team, New Orleans.
Figgs: Screw Rookie of the Year, where's the Matty Ice MVP talk? Dirty Birds.
Nick: Falcons. The ATL beat the Saints by 14 less than a month ago, the dome won't be as big of a home field advantage for New Orleans because Atlanta's also an indoor team, and the Birds are getting a field goal. Sign me up.

GIANTS (-7) vs Eagles
Andy: Finally, a sizable line for the champs. Not sizable enough. G-men.
Figgs: There is simply no reason to go against the Giants right now.
Nick: Giants (-6.5). You've got to ride the Giants at this point, right? Philly's resurgence is being overplayed. Arizona's fading and had some crippling turnovers early. Buckhalter's out, and Westbrook's hobbled. Giants by at least 10.

BILLS (-1) vs Dolphins
Andy: After last week, I don't want to take the Bills, but I like Toronto so I'll forgive the Buffaloes.
Figgs: Dolphins, just because Will Smith never made a song about Buffalo.
Nick: Dolphins. Buffalo's a mess and the Fish have way more to play for. This is a game I could see the Bills winning, but I'm not confident enough to pick them.

BRONCOS (-9.5) vs Chieves
Andy: The Broncos are super-weird. KC smacked them earlier, so I'll take them here.
Figgs: This is a tough one, Denver.
Nick: Broncos. Denver needs this game too much to come out sloppy.

49ERS (+4) vs Jets
Andy: Jets easy in a bounce-back game.
Figgs: Favres for sure.
Nick: Jets (-3). My favorite game on the board. This spread should be 9.5. Jets by triple-digits.

SEAHAWKS (+4.5) vs Pats
Andy: Only 4.5? New England is fighting for a playoff here, Seattle is fighting for an off-season. Pats, my favorite game on the board.
Figgs: Why is this only 4.5? Pats, easy.
Nick: Pats (-5). New England takes care of business by at least a touchdown here. Like Bill Simmons said: you don't pick against Belichick after an embarassing loss.

CARDINALS (-14) vs Rams
Andy: Wow, lotsa points. The Cards should win this easily, though.
Figgs: This a a lot of points, STL.
Nick: Rams. Too many points, and the Rams are at least watchable when S-JAX plays. Plus, the Cards are fading.

STEELERS (-3) vs Cowboys
Andy: Good matchup here. I think Pittsburgh will be ready.
Figgs: Blow me Pittsburgh. 'Boys.
Nick: Pittsburgh. The Steelers' sloppy home field negates their defensive speed, but I think they smack around a banged up Dallas team that's still a little soft.

Sunday night

RAVENS (-5) vs Redskins
Andy: The Ravens stink against good teams. Is Washington a good team? Neh, not really.
Figgs: Skins.
Nick: Ravens. Washington's ship is sinking fast. The Redskins just aren't going to do much scoring against a terrific Baltimore defense.

Monday night

PANTHERS (-3) vs Bucs
Andy: Should be a good game to watch. Carolina's game impressed me against the Pack, so I'll take them here.
Figgs: I'll go with the home team. Panthers.
Nick: Bucs. Tampa's defense is terrific, they stomped the Panthers earlier this season, they're getting points, and Jon Gruden > John Fox.

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