Sunday, November 30

Visiting fan ethics

I was walking to the grocery store downstairs and passed by a number of people wearing Indianapolis Colts garb in anticipation of today's game. What I thought was: to what degree would I be willing to interact with them?

Consider this situation. I live less than a half-mile from Cleveland Browns Stadium. What if a Colts fan asked me how to get there? Now, I'm normally a very mannered, polite person, but this is gameday, and you are an enemy combatant. I've decided: I would ignore this person.

During last week's Pigskin Classic run, where participants had their choice of Ohio Stae or Michigan garb, I didn't so much as make eye contact with anyone wearing blue and/or yellow. Again: gameday.

Now, these have their limits, right? What if one of the Colts fans this morning had a medical emergency and needed help from the front desk or a call to 911? Of course I'd help them out! Let's not get crazy here - it's just sports.

Steeler or Wolverine fans in the same situation? I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

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Nick said...

My policy is usually that I don't give them a hard time unless they act like jerks first. Seems fair.