Sunday, November 30

NFL picks: Week 13

Nick's been up and down the past few weeks like the stock market...wait, I guess that would only be down. An 11-5 showing last week puts him back in contention. Andy turned in his usual 9-7 and, due to technical difficulties, Figgs takes an 0-1 (just the Thursday game).

Last Week
Andy: 9-7
Figgs: 0-1
Nick: 11-5
Nick's Money Picks: 1-0

Year to Date
Andy: 99-72-5
Figgs: 78-78-5
Nick: 92-79-5
Nick's Money Picks: 16-14

Thursday games

LIONS (+11) vs Titans
Andy: An 0-11 team playing a 10-1 team, and only getting 11 points? Give me the Titans, shaking off the Jets hangover.
Figgs: You used to never bet against Detroit on Thanksgiving. But unless Barry's suiting up, the Fighting Fishers roll. Titans.
Nick: Titans. Tennessee is something like 9-2 ATS, and the Lions suck.

COWBOYS (-12.5) vs Seahawks
Andy: Getting Romo back has reinvigorated the Cowboys and I look for them to win big on T-giving. I've already given 23.5 points in just two picks.
Figgs: Cowboys
Nick: (-11.5) Cowboys. Holmgren's clubs get slaughtered at Texas Stadium, and Romo got on a roll last week.

EAGLES (-3) vs Cardinals
Andy: I have a rule: anytime I guess one team will be -3 and it turns out the other team is -3, I take my original guess. The Iggles are in disarray, meaning they could either rally around each other and play a great game or continue a downward spiral. I'm leery of the Cards in cold weather, but I'm taking them anyway.
Figgs: I've loved the Eagles all year, and they screwed me, but I'll give 'em one more shot. Eagles.
Nick: Cardinals.

BROWNS (+4.5) vs Colts
Andy: I've taken the Browns every game this year, going so far as to criticize Nick and Figgs for not doing so against the Giants. After attending Sunday's debacle, I don't feel anymore like I owe it to the franchise to support them in this fashion. Colts, both as a criticism of Cleveland and an endorsement of how well Indy has played.
Figgs: I cannot for the life of my figure out why this spread is so low. I hope I'm wrong, but you'd be an idiot to go against the Colts here.
Nick: Colts. I don't think these last five games are going to be much fun.

BUFFALOES (-7) vs 49ers
Andy: Buffaloes. West Coast teams have trouble winning Sunday afternoon games played in the Eastern time zone. Bad teams like San Francisco have even more trouble, especially when it's cold. I'd give 2 TD's here.
Figgs: You guys make good points, Jills.
Nick: Bills. This isn't a vote of confidence in Buffalo as much as it is a vote of no confidence in San Fran. Also: Andy's reasons above are valid.

BENGALS (+7) vs Ravens
Andy: I feel dirty about how many times I've been right about the Ravens winning this year, so let's go with Cincy.
Figgs: I like to pick against everyone in the Browns' division, so I'm torn in these games. I could see this being a trap game for the ratbirds, Cinncy.
Nick: Ravens. The Ravens are 7-4. Yuck. Fortunately I think that their schedule should keep them out of the playoffs.

PACKERS (-3) vs Panthers
Andy: Nick makes a good point, plus there's concern about Delhomme's shoulder. Pack.
Figgs: Packers.
Nick: Packers. It's getting to be the time of year when it's unwise to pick against GB at home.

JETS (-9) vs Broncos
Andy: Remember what I said about teams traveling across time zones? That goes double for teams with no defense coming off of 21-point losses to Oakland playing a team who has won 7 of 8, including a throttling of a previously 10-0 club. J! E! T! S!
Figgs: The Jets are on a roll, and the Broncos are the worst playoff team I've seen in a long time. Favres.
Nick: Jets. I'm puzzled why the majority of the betting on my site has been on the Broncos.

BUCS (-3.5) vs Saints
Andy: As much as I enjoy taking the Saints, I think they'll struggle. I'll take tuberculosis.
Figgs: Brees' 300 yard game streak could come to an end against this defense. Bucs.
Nick: Bucs. This is the quietest 8-3 team in the league.

REDSKINS (+3.5) vs Giants
Andy: New York is a beast right now. I'm happy to give these points.
Figgs: I would give 6 or 7 in this one. Giants.
Nick: Again, I ask: when will Vegas start to respect the Giants?

CHARGERS (-5.5) vs Falcons
Andy: The Chargers let me down last week, plus more points than I expected. ATL.
Figgs: Turner rushes for 200 yards so Nick and I can set records in our Fantasy league, but SD covers.
Nick: Atlanta. I don't have a good feel for this game, but Atlanta's probably the more consistent club, and they're getting a considerable amount of points here.

PATRIOTS (+1) vs Steelers
Andy: Can they both lose? I'll hedge my bets and take Pittsburgh. Also: I think they're a better team.
Figgs: I don't think it's needed to ask me Steeler games anymore. Pats.
Nick: Steelers. I'm mildly surprised they aren't favored.

RAIDERS (-3) vs Kansas City
Andy: Oakland, easy.
Figgs: The NFL should cancel this game due to lack of talent. Oakland, I guess.
Nick: Chiefs. KC may win this game straight up.

Sunday night
VIKINGS (-3.5) vs Bears
Andy: A puzzler here. Minnesota impressed me last week, so I'll take them.
Figgs: The Vikes are winning the Super Bowl next year once they get McNabb. That has no relevance in this game, but I'll still go with Minny.
Nick: Vikings. The Metrodome provides one of the league's best home field advantages.

Monday night
TEXANS (-3) vs Jags
Andy: What a lousy MNF matchup this is. I'll take Houston, after seeing up close and personal how badly they can play (and win).
Figgs: Jax, for sure.
Nick: Jags. Houston's really, really bad, and I'm getting three? Sign me up.


Figgs said...

Why do I always get the blame? I got my Dallas pick in hours before kickoff.

Andy said...

Look, when I went to check it Thursday afternoon, my pick had disappeared and neither of you had a pick entered. Someone deleted it, and it wasn't me.