Tuesday, August 12

Nightly Tribe randomness

Manning just made a reference to Scud missiles, referring to a projectile throw over home plate by the Oriole left fielder. That's tremendous, but maybe a bit too contemporary? That ball was flying like musket fire!

Manning and Underwood were discussing Progressive Field and whether or not it's a hitter' park or a pitcher's park. It's irrelevant what they concluded - the fundamental problem is that everything they said was pure speculation. Look, guys, there's something called Park Factor, which is not difficult to reference, that says pretty plainly whether a venue is a hitter's park or a pitcher's park. I wrote about it like two weeks ago (the Prog is a hitter's park). You are professional baseball analysts. You should know this number for the home field of the team you cover. Professionally.

Joel Skinner doesn't generally make really good decisions over at third base - Tribe runners don't just get cut down at the plate, they're out by 20 feet. It's like he's overcompensating for the Lofton incident in the playoffs last year. Tonight, he sent Asdrubal Cabrera home twice in situations where a good throw would have gotten him, and once it did. I approved of one of them, which happened to be the one where he scored, but my feelings aren't results-contingent. It's simple: the time with one out, you hold him; the time with two outs, you go for it and send him. To his credit, Skinner did the second of these, but sending him home with one out on Sizemore's double was foolish, notwithstanding Indian troubles getting men home.

I like how this club is playing, though, except for the nightly bullpen lead-blowing. Winning baseball games is fun, isn't it?

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