Wednesday, August 13

Danny Ferry wants some Mo

If you haven't heard already, the Cavs landed Mo Williams earlier today in a three team deal that included Milwaukee and the Oklahoma City (Thunder). Six players were involved, but as far as Cavs' fans are concerned, the Cavs received Mo Williams in exchange for power forward Joe Smith and guard Damon Jones.

This amounts to a long-term salary dump by Milwaukee, and not unlike the Lakers with Pau Gasol, the Cavs are happy to take that salary off of their hands. Honestly, what's not to like? The negative are that Williams has had some injury issues, isn't known for his defense, the Cavs are now thin up front with the loss of Smith, and Ferry lost some of his long-term cap flexibility.

But none of those issues really bug me when you consider the potential reward of aquiring an excellent offensive player who can create his own shot, distributes the ball adequately, and shoots a high percentage from both inside and outside the arc. The numbers that really excite me are Williams' 2008 shooting percentages: 48% from the field, 38.5% from outside the arc. Those are excellent numbers for a guard, particularly a guard that's only 6' 1".

There are still plenty of things that could go wrong with this deal, but the potential reward clearly outweighs the risk. If I'm Danny Ferry, I make this trade eight days a week.

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