Tuesday, August 12


Two things about baseball in August 2008:

1) When the Indians are out of it, as they are now, I can't seem to get into the rest of the league. Last year, when the Tribe won the Central, I knew exactly what was going on in all the divisions. This year, I sort of keep tabs on it, but halfheartedly. It's just not that interesting to watch other teams win divisions when yours isn't, I guess. Being completely sincere here, I find myself more interested in the battle for 4th place in the AL Central, a race I expect the Tribe to win even though they can't seem to edge ahead of Mighty KC. I also find myself more intrigued by the fact that Minnesota leads the Indians by 29 in run differential and a massive 12.5 games in the standings. These things happen when they have Joe Nathan and we have...well, onto the next topic.

2) By any measure, the Olympics are far more interesting, dramatic, and important than what is ultimately a lost season for the Tribe. So why do I punch in "76" for STO whenever I get home and the game is on instead of "03" for the Summer Games? I don't know, maybe I'm just not that into Judo.

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