Saturday, April 30

Buckeye Sporcles!

With all the turmoil surrounding Jim Tressel and the Ohio St football program right now, us fans could use some fun. GET IT!

Get your mind going with some random Buckeye trivia questions. My lone miss was the name of the student section.

Draft picks of the Jim Tressel era.
My favorite one. I expected to do better than the 46/57 mark that I put up, but the ones I missed were pretty tough (including two from '02 that I never even heard of). I didn't miss any high picks or any skill position players, except for one very forgettable receiver, so I'm OK with my score.

Heisman Trophy Winners
Something to get your confidence back up. Perfect score baby!

Starting QB's since 1960
30/50 here. All of them from '91 on, never heard of the ones I missed.

Starting bball lineups since 2000
Switching gears to the hardwood here. Picked up 35/55, getting all but one from '05 on (including Je'Kel Foster...don't act like you're not impressed). Boy was this team bad at the beginning part of the decade. I only got one player from '00-'02.

Career receiving leaders.
Such a storied tradition of great wideouts...starting in the '90s. Only got 11/20.

Only 43/86 overall, but in my mind an impressive 27/33 since I was born in '86.

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Andy said...

I missed our first Heisman winner but nailed a perfect on the random trivia.

27/50 on QB's. Absolutely do not remember our guy from 96-97. Got 12 wideouts, though one was typing random common names. 41 AA's.

Only 33 on the draft one. I suck at draft Sporcles. We're not talking about my performance on the bball one.