Tuesday, May 3


Two quick points on Shin-Soo Choo's DUI charge, both pointing out overreactions:

1) Some radio talker on WKNR was going on and on in that high-pitched whining voice that radio and TV yakkers always use when they're being overly strident, about how Choo "didn't deserve" to play tonight. Disagree. The courts and the league will punish him once the case is decided, and until then we wait. I wouldn't stop working because I had a DUI charge against me, nor would I suspend someone who worked for me. I realize baseball player is a different kind of job in many ways, but not in this way.

2) Teams usually provide beer for players post-game, but there were whispers that maybe the Tribe would end this. Absurd overreaction if they do. The Tribe has probably been doing this for decades, and now one guy mnakes a mistake and everyone's cut off? Classic knee-jerk overreaction to solve a non-existent problem, and too late. If anything, it's safer now than ever to provide a couple of PBR's to the Indians players (I assume that's what they drink), as they're likely to be extra, extra careful in light of Choo's mishap.

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