Friday, December 28

NFL Picks: Week 17

Final week!

It's time for the Browns to get that coveted season sweep of the steelers. Do you know the last time we won both our contests against those turkeys? It was 1988. That sucks. For perspective, there have been two seasons where the steelers beat the Browns THREE TIMES since then. I've had a running bet with my old grad school roommate from my Pittsburgh days, where if the Browns win the season series, I get a case of PBR and if the steelers sweep, he gets a case of PBR (no PBR changes hands in a tie). I have paid out seven cases thus far without one in receipt. Enough! That's going to be the sweetest Pabst ever.

Last Week
Nick: 11-4-1
Joe: 9-6-1
Figgs: 8-7-1

Season to Date
Joe: 113-118-7
Figgs: 106-125-7
Nick: 105-126-7
Figgs' $ Picks: 20-19-1
Nick's $ Picks: 10-9-1, +3

Sunday 1:00 kickoff
STEELERS (-11) vs Browns
Figgs: BROWNS. Let's get that sweep, gentlemen. Andy really needs a Pabst.
Joe:Browns; Seriously, do I really need to wait for the spread on this one? Game 1 of the Thad Lewis era: Get Some!

BENGALS (-1) vs Ravens
Figgs: Cinncy.
Joe: Bengals; Games like this are very hard, when both teams are in the playoffs, but can't improve their seed by winning. You never know who will show up. I'll go with the team that didn't steal our franchise.

COLTS (+7) vs Texans
Figgs: Indy.
Joe:Colts; This game is actually much bigger for Houston, because a loss could force them to not only lose home field throughout, but also lose a 1st round bye. That said, I can't bet against the Colts at home in Pagano's return. That place should be going crazy.
Nick: Colts

TITANS (-4) vs Jaguars
Figgs: Titans.
Joe:Jags; Every time I pick the Jags getting points, they get crushed. Last week against Tom Brady I gladly give the points, and they almost win the game. Who knows? Titans looked awful last week.

GIANTS (-7) vs Eagles
Figgs: Philly.
Joe:Eagles; Vick is playing and that should improve the offense somewhat. He needs an audition for next year, so he should play inspired, which is something the Giants haven't done all year. They seem to have held on to the "We're defending champs" thing for way to long. If you don't get in the playoffs, then you can't defend your title.

BUFFALOES (-3.5) vs Jets
Figgs: Jills.
Joe: Bills; I have no confidence in the Bills, but the Jets are such a trainwreck that I can't justify picking them. (Good call on signing Braylon Edwards by the way. He should have been able to fix all of your problems. What a leader he is.)

LIONS (+3) vs Bears
Figgs: Bears.
Joe: Bears; Huge game for their playoff chances, since the Vikes have such a tough game. If the Bears don't win here, then people are gonna get fired. 7-1 to missing the playoffs: Ouch.

FALCONS (-5) vs Buccaneers
Figgs: ATL.
Joe: Atl; The Bucs have been horrible since they were eliminated from playoff contention, so I don't see anything changing here going against the NFC's top seed.

SAINTS (-5) vs Panthers
Figgs: Saints.
Joe: Panthers; The way these two have played lately, this should be one of the more exciting games of the day that has absolutely no playoff implications. Cam has played great lately, but he'll have to take it a step up next year and make a playoff push if he wants to be taken seriously. I'll take him becauseI always take his team, and because they're getting over a FG.

4:25 kickoff
BRONCOS (-16) vs Chieves
Figgs: KC.
Joe: Chiefs; I love Denver as mySB favorite in the AFC, but I am simply playing the %'s with a 2TD+ spread here.

CHARGERS (-10) vs Raiders
Figgs: Raiders.
Joe: Bolts; The Raiders are flat out terrible, Carson is out, and the Bolts always play well in December to somehow save Norv Turners' job.

49ERS (-16.5) vs Cardinals
Figgs: Cards.
Joe: Cards; I am simply playing the %'s with a 2TD+ spread here.

PATRIOTS (-10) vs Dolphins
Figgs: Pats.
Joe: Dolphins; I don't know, just when I think the Pats are invincible, they put up a couple of poor performances in a row. I can't put my finger on what the problem is, but their is something there that is gonna keep them from the Super Bowl.

SEAHAWKS (-10.5) vs Rams
Figgs: Hawks.
Joe: Seahawks; They look like the best team in football to me right now. Back to back 50+ pt games didn't have people believing because it wasn't against good teams. So, let's follow it up with a 42-13 beatdown of the 49ers. They are for real, and even though it will be on the road, no one will want to play them in January.

VIKINGS (+3.5) vs Packers
Figgs: Pack.
Joe: Packers; The Vikes had an improbable win last week with their season on the line. They could do it again here, but the Pack needs a win to secure a bye, so they won't be resting anyone. Tough call, but I'll go with GB, all though the extra half point makes me want to change my mind.

8:20 kickoff
REDSKINS (-3.5) vs Cowboys
Figgs: Skins.
Joe: Skins; Everything on the line here. Everyone will say this will make or break Romo's legacy, (and it could if he throws a huge pick late). But I see him having a nice game with Dez against the Skins secondary. However, the Skins are simply a more balanced team. They have a much better running game, and I think Griffin will make 1 or 2 game changing plays that get it done for Washington.

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