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NFL Picks: Week 16

Happy Festivus from all of us at FCF!

I'd also like to pass along that one of the ads on, where I looked up the lines for this week, was "Make Him Addicted to You," as if women frequent sports betting sites.

Last Week
Figgs: 10-6
Joe: 7-9
Nick: 6-10 (even counting picking "Dons" in the Denver-Baltimore game as a W)
Figgs' $ Picks: 2-1
Joe's $ Picks: 1-2

Season to Date
Joe: 104-112-6
Figgs: 98-118-6
Nick: 94-122-6
Figgs' $ Picks: 20-19-1
Nick's $ Picks: 10-9-1, +3

Saturday Night Football, 8:30
LIONS (+3.5) vs Falcons
Figgs: ATL.
Joe: ATL; Last week was a big F You to everyone that doubted the Birds.  And Detroit, well, they are terrible and have quit.  Not a good combination. 
Nick: Falcons. I'm going to keep riding against Detroit hard.

Sunday 1:00 kickoff
COWBOYS (-3) vs Saints
Figgs: Saints.
Joe: Saints; This one goes against the thought of picking the team with something to play for.  The Saints have nothing to play for, but I just feel they are a better team than Dallas.  So if I can pick them, and get points, I'll take it. 
Nick: Cowboys. They need this game, and they should be able to score on the New Orleans D, right?

PACKERS (-12.5) vs Titans
Figgs: Pack.
Joe: Titans; Only because it is so many points.  The Packers haven't consistently blown out bad teams this year, so I could see them winning by a comfortable 10 point margin, which would still not cover the spread. 
Nick: Titans. Too many points, and the Packers haven't been putting up crazy point totals as frequently as last year.

CHIEVES (+7) vs Colts
Figgs: Indy.
Joe: Colts; I wanted to go the other way because of what I just said about the Pack, but I can't pick KC again, ever.  They lost by double digits last the Raiders...without even allowing a TD.  Nuff said. 
Nick: Colts. Like Joe, I really wanted to pull the trigger on KC at home, but they just can't move the football. Who's taking the Chiefs in this game?

DOLPHINS (-4.5) vs Buffaloes
Figgs: Jills.
Joe: Bills; Just like the Jets on Monday Night, the Dolphins are still alive for the playoffs playing a team that is not.  And just like the Jets, they will show they don't belong in playoff discussions. 
Nick: Dolphins. I like the Dolphins' team a lot. If Tannehill can make a jump next year, they're a strong playoff contender in the AFC.

JETS (-2.5) vs Chargers
Figgs: Bolts.
Joe: Bolts; The only reason the Jets might cover this is because they won't have Sanchez throwing the ball to the other team all day.  But I can't say I have too much confidence in the Greg McElroy era either.  I have no confidence in the Bolts, but I would obviously take Rivers over any QB on the Jets roster, so therefore I will pick them in this game. 
Nick: Chargers. Just not taking Sanchez. Period.

EAGLES (+6.5) vs Redskins
Figgs: Skins.
Joe: Skins; Their 1st matchup started the Skins 5 game winning streak.  No reason why this one will end it.  And with RG3 back, I am confident they will win by at least a TD. 
Nick: Redskins. It's a lot of points, but they've become remarkably consistent. The Shanahans really outcoached Pat Shurmur last week. Shocking.

STEELERS (-3) vs Bengals
Figgs: Cinncy.
Joe: Bengals; They have absolutely nothing outside of AJ Green that impresses me.  But if the steelers don't make the playoffs, they have no one to blame but themselves (i.e. losses to Raiders/Titans/BROWNS/Chargers).  This is a classic pick against them out of spite game for me, even though I don't actually believe it myself.
Nick: Bengals. Hatred pick.

BUCS (-3) vs Rams
Figgs: Bucs.
Joe: Bucs; Two impressive seasons for teams not expected to do anything this year both came to an end last week.  I don't know how Tampa fell so flat last week in a 41-0 defeat, but I'm gonna pick them this week because I think they are a better team than that and also because the Rams aren't very good on the road. 
Nick: Rams. I'm ready for the Bucs to collapse like they did last season when they were eliminated, are you?

PANTHERS (-8.5) vs Raiders
Figgs: Raiders.
Joe: Panthers; Wow, I know Cam and Co. have finally been playing the way I thought they could lately, but 8.5 point favorites?  Oh yeah, they are playing the Raiders.  I'll bite. 
Nick: Panthers. It's a ton of points, but the Raiders are the only team that might be a helpless as the Chiefs.

JAGUARS (+14.5) vs Patriots
Figgs: Pats.
Joe: Patriots; They are the only team I always feel comfortable giving huge spreads with.  And after last week's loss, they will pour it on this week.  And Bellichek will be able to use their own comeback from last week as an excuse of why Brady is throwing for TD's when they are up 52-0. 
Nick: Pats. The Pats will score at least 35 in this one, so do we really think that the Jags can get to 21? I don't.

TEXANS (-7.5) vs Vikings
Figgs: Vikes.
Joe: Vikings; I'd like to see them get in the playoffs, but it will be really tough given their schedule.  They should definately put up a fight though, so there's no way I'm gonna give that many points. 
Nick: Vikings, but I don't feel good about it.

(4:05 kickoff)
BRONCOS (-13) vs Browns
Figgs: Browns
Joe: Browns; Well, that stint of us being favorites sure didn't last long.  Our whole season will be make or break next week.  If we sweep the steelers, this is the greatest season since our '99 return.  This game here, I honestly give us no chance.  Denver is the best team in football right now.  But who knows, maybe we keep it close. 
Nick: Broncos. Hate to say it, but this has slaughter potential. If I'm Pat Shurmur, I'm resting all the starters for Pittsburgh next week.

(4:25 kickoffs)
CARDINALS (+5.5) vs Bears
Figgs: Bears.
Joe:Bears; Reluctantly.  They have been on an unbelievably tailspin since their 7-1 start.  They only reason they still have a chance to get in the playoffs is because of their really easy last two opponents.  The Cards finally broke their 9 game losing streak, but I'm not backing something called Lindley to win back to back games. 
Nick: Bears. "Something called Lindley." Awesome.

RAVENS (+2.5) vs Giants
Figgs: NYG.
Joe: Giants; This is the battle of the headscratcher teams, at least nationally.  I still can't figure out when the Giants will show up.  But I'm not surprised at all on Baltimore.  I've been saying for weeks that they are not good.  This week, they will drop another game against an opponent that is simply better than them.  Giants should be able to turn it on now since they are in Must Win Mode. 
Nick: Giants. I just have a little more faith in the Giants to show up in a game that they desperately need.

Sunday Night Football, 8:20 kickoff
SEAHAWKS (+1) vs 49ers
Figgs: Niners.
Joe: Seahawks; San Fran ended all the doubts I had about them last week.  But I still think Seattle is slightly better than them.  Being at home here, there's no way I'm going against the red hot Hawks.  Honestly though, these might be the two best teams in the NFC.  Thank goodness for flex scheduling so we can watch it.
Nick: Seahawks. Seattle needs this game more, its at Qwest, and the Niners are coming off a big game in New England. RUSTY!

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