Saturday, November 24

Does anyone know where I can get a shirt with this?

I can't overstate how much I adore this graphic, in the wake of Ohio State yet again dispatching the school up north. Did they print up shirts with this? I want one, I really do. There's so much to like, most notably the irony of the fact that OSU in fact finished 12-0, which for math-challenged michigan fans, is four fewer losses than your club suffered.

Then there's the fact that 11-1 (which, I must stress, did not happen) doesn't in any way fit into the graphical paradigm of O-H-I-O. It looks like O-H-11-1-O, which is totally different. You couldn't have tried to work the "11" into an "H" style? This is classic michigan - even though they knew it didn't work stylistically, they went ahead with their dumb idea. IT DOESN'T FIT.

And I love, love, love that they're still doing "Beat Ohio," in complete defiance of how spectacularly it backfired when Ohio (the Ohio University Bobcats) booted them from the NCAA basketball tourney. Hey, we're michigan, we never let a moronic, failed concept die. So pathetic. Also, you didn't beat anyone from Ohio, up to including Ohio State today. 364 days and counting, friends.

One final thought: I love that Carlos Hyde threw can't-tie's mind-blowingly stupid eating thing back in his face near the end of the game. LOVED IT. Enjoy your 1-3 career mark against the Buckeyes, #16.

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Figgs said...

Yeah that seems about right. People from michigan are really smart. Loooved Hyde calling out can't-tie. I'm a fan of his usual double-flex celebration in general, then that took it to a whole new level. Really enjoyed how he walked toward the michigan sideline and did it while starring robinson down as well.