Tuesday, November 29

Urban Meyer quick hits

Like any Buckeye fan across Ohio and throughout the nation, I'm excited that Urban Meyer has officially agreed to become the head football coach at the Ohio State University, signing a six-year, $24 million deal (plus incentives for finishing the contract). Here are my quick takes on it.

- One day. That's all we gave those losers up north to enjoy their first win in The Game in eight years. One day. Now the spotlight is back on OSU, and the balance of power in the rivalry shifted way the hell back in our favor.

- One day.

- OSU's coach is named after a pope - Notre Dame's, not so much.

- I saw one column about "the problem with Urban Meyer" that was about how he works too hard. Damn, that sucks for us.

- He said at least five times in his press conference that he had "researched" or "done research" into various things. This appeals strongly to the scientist in me.

- Luke Fickell will apparently stay on as an assistant to Meyer, and I'm happy about that. I've picked on TCF's Brian McPeek in the past at times, but he nailed his article today, especially his eloquent essay defending Fickell. You put a guy who's never been a head coach in charge of a major program, in a year where they've lost their head coach to scandal, lost eight defensive starters, had two all-conference-level performers suspended for much of the year, lost a Heisman candidate QB, and started a true freshman QB. How, exactly, was this guy supposed to succeed? He was a fall guy and did the best he could. Yeah, we all can quibble with some of his decisions - taking too long to install Miller at the helm, the Wildcat plays - but I admire the way he handled the season and guided the team through an impossible situation. I'm disappointed at the venom and derision some Buckeye fans have sent his way, and I'm looking forward to him collecting a second championship ring here in a few years.

Go Bucks!

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Figgs said...

One day - just love it.

I love keeping Fickell on. I'll admit I was critical of him at times this season - and rightfully so - but I totally agree that looking at the grand picture, he did an decent job considering the circumstances. And really the only thing you need to look at when making the decision of keeping him as defensive coordinator - how was he as a d coordinator. The answer to that is that he was a smashing success, we finished with a top defense every year. Man I can't wait to dominate the Big Ten again next year.