Wednesday, November 30

Discount Double Check

If you've watched any NFL football recently, and if you're reading this you have, then you have no doubt seen the State Farm commercial advertising their "Discount Double Check" service and featuring Aaron Rodgers. I will recap it nonetheless:

- Rodgers is talking insurance with a State Farm agent.

- A couple comes in and thanks said agent for performing a discount double check for them and they make Rodgers' touchdown gesture.

- Rodgers, confused, asks why they're doing his TD move.

- They say it's the discount double check move.

- Rodgers says, no, it's my touchdown dance.

- They laugh and say, "what, you're a dancer?"

- Rodgers says, "no I'm a quarterback."

- They laugh, the guy says, "I'm a robot" and they walk past him sarcastically. Joke's on you, Aaron Rodgers!

- Random Packer fanatic runs by the window, does the move, yells "Rodgers! Discount Double Check!"

First of all, the State Farm agent is a douchebag for co-opting Rodgers' move to sell insurance. I don't think a move is necessary for insurance sales at all, but if you need one, think of your own. Rodgers should throw a football at this guy's stomach.

Second, these customers are real assholes. What kind of idiots don't even recognize Aaron Rodgers? Make hilarious robot jokes all you want, but you're the ones living under a rock. Presumably this takes place in Wisconsin (why else would Rodgers be there?), which makes these peoples' ignorance even more egregious. This just doesn't work. Rodgers should spike them with footballs too.

Aaron Rodgers' team beat the steelers in the Super Bowl.

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