Tuesday, July 5

Yankees Suck! Yankees Suck!

What a game! I just saw the Indians defeat the yankees 6-3 at Progressive Field, in a terrific come-from-behind victory on Independence Day. Winning is always fun - winning against the yankees is extra-fun. It's so refreshing that this year, the Tribe is good enough to draw enough fans to drown out their "let's go yankees" nonsense and start our own solid "yankees suck" chants. None of this nonsense where we have 8 000 fans and so do the visitors. Also: the Indians were good enough to beat them 6-3.

Against my better judgement, I logged on to espn.com after the game - check out the screenshot I took of the espn.com homepage shortly after the game. Yeah, that's about right. Nothing about the FIRST PLACE INDIANS' big win, just a picture of and accompanying story about Derek Jeter, a complete nonfactor in the game and a completely undeserving starting shortstop in next week's all-star game. Great coverage!

Well done. BTW, there were plenty of post-game fireworks, ESPN.

Can you see the headlines at the side of the frame? Here's the topics regarding tonight's game:

Jeter hitless in return | Indians edge yanks

Which one of those things is more important? Jeter's meaningless ohfer, or Cleveland's big win? How badly have we lost the plot here? Chases for arbitrary numbers of hits are now this much more important than the results of games between first-place teams? And just fyi, Cleveland didn't "edge" New York - the final score was 6-3. No amount of ESPN New York-loving can change that. Embarrassing. Why do I even go to this site anymore?

Having not learned this lesson and having arrived too late to catch the highlights on STO, I dumbly flipped on...ESPN, to see the postgame highlights. Instead, I was treated to John Kruk and Barry Larkin chattering about...Derek Jeter. Of course. Nothing about the Indians, nothing at all. Just Larkin and Kruk trying to out-cliche one another, and Kruk mindlessly saying how Jeter's "veteran presence" will help the club, without much discussion about how much his .649 OPS (77 OPS+) and -0.3 dWAR will help New York win games.

Also: baseball does not have captains.

For the record, CNNSI's front page is a photo of the Pirates' Andrew McCutchen and a story from Joe Posnanski that is, get ready, ESPN, actually about baseball. Their Tribe headline could be better ("Jeter hitless in return; Kearns homer lifts Indians") - we're still second-class citizens, but not in a second, separate article, and not totally misrepresenting the game itself.

Go Tribe.

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