Sunday, July 3


I'm not sold on this Hickson trade. I know management questioned his focus and defensive commitment, but the guy is only 23 and had an obviously high ceiling. He was already a 16/10 guy, clearly developing skills and a greater awareness of rebounding, even if he was prone to defensive lapses on an already-poor defensive club.

Clearly he didn't see eye to eye with Coach Byron Scott, and that certainly hastened his exit. It's just frustrating to watch such potential only net Omri Casspi and a low first-round pick, thanks to the extensive protections on the pick.

As for the Cavs' other recent roster moves, via the NBA Draft, the same is true as usual - we'll just have to wait and see. Bill Simmons had this to say in his NBA Draft diary:

You know, because any time you can grab a freshman point guard who missed two-thirds of the season when you have $20 million of point guards on your roster, you have to do it.

This is purposely misleading. Almost all of that $20 million is Baron Davis' $13.9 million, and neither he nor Ramon Sessions nor Daniel Gibson are the Cavs' long-term answer at point guard. The Cavs are clearly just waiting out Davis' deal, and only made the trade to get the #1 from the Clippers, a deal that netted them the pick they used to select...Kyrie Irving. Simmons knows all this. Now, if you think Derrick Williams has a better NBA future, fine, say so, but this analysis is way off-base.

As for Tristan Thompson...I couldn't possibly know less about the guy. I do like the reports that defense is his strength, because the Cavs were an absolutely terrible defensive team in 2010-11.

Also: there's probably not going to be a season.

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Matt Booher said...

This trade sort of smacks of the Brandon Phillips deal b/c Eric Wedge didn't feel like coaching him. At least in this instance we got something in return. I never like it when coaches influence the long-term direction of a franchise. Coach the guys you have. Let the GM manage the big picture.