Wednesday, December 1

SC Quarterback Forum

As much as I love to make fun of michigan, they're not the only school that deserves some blasting once in awhile. I picked up the following from a USC QB chat room discussion involving Carson Palmer, Mark Sanchez, Matt Lienart, Matt Barkley, and Matt Cassel.

Sanchize: sup bro
CP 9: sup bro
Matty L: sup bro
Barx: sup bro
The Cass-Cass Man: Hey guys!
Barx: dude you guys should have seen the waves out here this morning. totally narley
Sanchize: dude the ocean on this side sux. it doesnt have the waves like back home. what is this one anyway, the artic?
Matty L: dude its called antartic
The Cass-Cass Man: I'm pretty sure it's the Atlantic guys.
Barx: shutup matt. what the hell do you know
Sanchize: cars, you still comin over friday to frost each others tips?
CP 9: i dont know i got a tanning apt. how bout sunday?
Barx: dude dont you play sunday?
CP 9: shit 4got bout that
The Cass-Cass Man: Hey, you guys want to get together for dinner this week? My treat!
Matty L: so im tryin to do this chick the other nite right. and shes all like oh i dont wanna go any further im shy and im all like shut up and take it bitch lol. like the bitch had a choice
The Cass-Cass Man: Oh yeah, I had intercourse the other night too!
Sanchize: shut up matt. we all know ur a virgin
Barx: dude i just saw the funnyest shit on youtube. check ur blkberrys im sendin it to evryone now. yull nvr beleve what this goat does.
Sanchize: LOL
Matty L: LOL
The Cass-Cass Man: I didn't get anything.
Sanchize: dude i need a refil on my champane brb
CP 9: dude champy sounds like a gr8 idea right now
The Cass-Cass Man: How about Applebees? Applebees is good, right?
Sanchize: back
Matty L: shit dude i can barely aford champy since i got cut
Barx: what bout ur trojan fund?
Matty L: shit dude i spent all that 4evr ago
The Cass-Cass Man: You guys got paid in college?
Barx: i gtg bro. my tips aint gonnna frost themselves
Matty L: lata bro
Sanchize: lata bro
Cp 9: lata bro
The Cass-Cass Man: C'mon guys, I'll even spring for Spinach & Artichoke Dip!
The Cass-Cass Man: Guys?

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