Saturday, September 4

PTI and their pet wolverines

ESPN's Pardon the Interruption has made mention of a school north of here that has a football program that we here at FCF relish treating with pure contempt, and I thought I'd share.

One show saw hosts Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser talking about college football and one of them (Wilbon, I think, though it was at my gym and thus mostly inaudible and I relied on subtitles) said that michigan football returning to a level better than their current pathetic one would be "good for college football."

Whatever. I've noticed national commentators only use this hacky phrase when they're talking about schools and pro teams that everybody (especially me) hates. As Borat would say, michigan "is not good for me." I lived through the Cooper years where we couldn't beat them so save our lives, and I'm not going to shed any crocodile tears because michigan can't even get a bowl invite and DickRod's running their program into the ground. I want all the wins I can get.

And I'm glad the Big Ten had the sense to keep OSU-um at season's end, at least for now.

Several days later, during an interview with ESPN ace College Football analyst and ex-Buckeye Kirk Herbstreit on Pardon the Interruption the other day, the graphic on-screen said: "What if Michigan loses?" I laughed so hard I almost cried.

Don't worry, PTI, there's no cause for concern. If michigan loses, the sun will still rise...just like it has the SIXTEEN TIMES the wolverines have lost in the past two seasons. You know, eleven fewer than OSU's absorbed over that span despite playing two bowl games. Go Bucks.

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