Wednesday, September 8

Browns season preview: Onion-style

Classic stuff, even though we cut Engram.

Strength: N/A

Weakness: Okay, where to begin? Let's see, Jake Delhomme is their starting quarterback. Bobby Engram, their 37-year-old starting wide receiver, caught 5 passes last year. Running back Jamal Lewis was cut in the off-season. Man, this is fun and easy! What else? Okay! They're in a constant state of rebuilding and have no team identity, the future of the franchise is Colt McCoy, and their biggest asset is team president and non-football-player Mike Holmgren.

Strength: Oh, just thought of one: dog faces

Player to Watch: To see Colt McCoy become a starter too early, get extremely flustered, and have a terrible rookie season could be quite delightful.

Biggest Question: How soon will fans bust out the paper bags?

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