Wednesday, May 19

Today, Andy stops analyzing the NBA playoffs

And you thought my first round was bad!I definitely didn't have my finger on the pulse of the league once again, particularly out West. Let's review the carnage:

My pick: Cavs in 6
Actual: No comment.

My pick: Magic in 6
Actual: Magic in 1. Quarter. That's when this series was over, even though they played 11 more to fulfill contractual obligations.

My pick: Jazz in 6
Actual: Lakers in 6.

My pick: Spurs in 6
Actual: Suns in 4. I hate the Spurs. No matter what I pick, I get their series wrong. Except the 2007 Finals, that is.

Eastern Conference Finals
Can't do it. Too painful, don't care, hate both these teams. See, this is the advantage of being an amateur sportswriter instead of a professional - if I don't want to write about something, I just sit it out. QED. Here's my pick: some team I despise in some number of games between 4 and 7.

Western Conference Finals
See above. Not that this wouldn't be good basketball to watch, I just can't get back into hoops after the Cavs' debacle. It's like you broke up with a girl you really cared about and then it's hard to date another one right away, even if she's really great. I don't know, maybe it's like that, who knows. Is it football season yet?

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