Friday, January 22

We have no Cavaliers coverage on Forest City Fanatics

Or so you thought! I'm here to help with my semi-periodic update on the city's highest-flying sporting organization. Well, until either the Cleveland Gladiators or my company's Corporate Challenge teams get rolling again.

I wrote about two months ago that fan excitement surrounding the Cavaliers was fairly low, surprising for a club of their merits. I chalked it up to Browns drama and the fact that the Cavalier season, quite frankly, doesn't start until April.

There was also much criticism of their play - problems with Shaq fitting in, losing focus in games against inferior opponents, inconsistency, and so on.

It's entirely possible much of that was overstated.

The Cavaliers are 32-11. They are on pace to win 61 games. They lead the Eastern Conference by three games over Boston, four on Atlanta, and five over some nonsense team from Central Florida. They have already finished both of their long Western swings, and will cross the Mississippi only once more this year, during a two-game road trip through New Orleans and San Antonio. They have 23 home games remaining versus just 16 roadies. Their remaining opponent win % is .483. They've been crushing good teams like the Lakers and Magic. They can play any style - fast, slow, big, small. They lead the league in opponent FG%. They've had almost no injury concerns this year - Jamario Moon's return next week brings them to full strength and Leon Powe's February return could bolster the roster further. Not to mention that they approach the trade deadline from a position of strength, flush with cash as clubs look to dump salary in the form of Troy Murphy, David West, and Antawn Jamison.

What's not to like? Go Cavs.

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