Monday, January 4

Third time's the charm

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
- Albert Einstein

BROWNS (-1.5) vs Jags
Figgs: BROWNS.
Nick: Browns run the table.
Bucko: Browns
Gopo: yags.

Sorry, Gopo, had to give you a hard time. Four-game winning streaks for the Browns are incredibly rare.


gopo said...

i think i would have done alright picking against them for most of the year!

congrats on closing it out well though - though i think it might have saved mangina's job (which isn't a good thing).

Nick said...

It hasn't saved Mangini's job. I'll chop of an appendage if he stays. (That's a lie. But his dismissal will probably be announced tomorrow.)

Andy said...

Sorry, Gopo, but we went 9-7 ATS this year. If you picked every team that accurately, you'd hit at 56% and win the league!

gopo said...

looks like the mangina is there to stay. you probably would have been better served closing out the season with losses...

Nick said...

He's actually a decent coach in spite of the national perception. It's all about the peripheral stuff - can he live with limited powers and reporting to a GM and all-powerful President Holmgren?