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NFL Picks: Week 17

This season can't end soon enough, as far as ATS-guessing goes. Hell, I can't even type things in right. The Raider line was obviously +10.5, and Figgs is right, there's no week 17 MNF. It's because of College bowl games.

Last week
Andy: 6-9-1
Figgs: 10-5-1
Nick: 6-9-1
Bucko: 9-6-1
Gopo: 6-9-1
Nick's Money Picks ($): 1-0

Year to date
Andy: 123-113-4
Figgs: 119-117-4
Nick: 120-116-4
Bucko: 33-29-2
Gopo: 23-22-3
Nick's Money Picks ($): 30-26

Sunday games
1:00 pm kickoffs

BROWNS (-1.5) vs Jags
Andy: I'm totally with Nick, especially when I look out my window and see the snow blowing. The Jags are totally not going to be interested in playing this contest, and the Browns have thrived in these conditions of late. I mean, I'm not even going, and I live here. And you have no idea how much I want to post this part as a comment with Dasharath picking against the Browns and being wrong three weeks in a row. That would be terrific. BROWNS.
Figgs: Three down, 20 to go. Look out Colts. BROWNS.
Nick: I was going to go Jags until I checked the forecast. As Arnold Schwarzenegger once said, "It's time....TO FREEEEEEZE!!!!" Browns run the table.
Bucko: I don't know if the Browns can win 4 in a row. I wonder if the Jags have given up yet. They need too much help to make it. Browns
Gopo: yags - browns have been coming up big, but i can't see them taking down the jaguars.

BUFFALOES (+7) vs Colts
Andy: I'm taking the Buffaloes here. Manning played a half against the Jets and they got smacked at home, so it doesn't seem right to give so many points here. It's up to -9, but everyone else picked on -7, so I'll accept that. Buffaloes.
Figgs: I don't know what to think after The Coach let me down last week. I still go with Indy.
Nick: I switched this one late. Just like the Jags, the Colts are not going to want to be outside in Buffalo with nothing to play for.
Bucko: Why are the Colts even showing up? Buffalo
Gopo: bills - colts are rolling over these days, and i think buffalo will come out to play.

LIONS (+3) vs Bears
Andy: This is one of those odd lines that makes me wonder if I'm missing something. Anytime I wonder, "why on earth would you take so and so?" they end up covering. But still, why would you take the Lions and only get three? They're averaging a 14-point loss this season. Bears.
Figgs: I'm with everyone else, Chi-town.
Nick: Lovie Smith needs this win to help justify his job, and the Lions are awful. Bears. ($)
Bucko: Cutler and the coach are playing for pride. Bears
Gopo: bears - cutler won me my fantasy league last week after sucking it up all season. i'll pick the bears for that reason alone.

RAMS (+7) vs 49ers
Andy: I don't think even Matt Foley could motivate St Louis for this game. I hope Ndamukong Suh has the NFL Sunday Ticket so he can watch his new team. 49ers.
Figgs: Niners.
Nick: The Rams clinch the number one pick this week. Niners. ($)
Bucko: 49ers
Gopo: niners - rams are really bad. and it doesn't look like steven jackson is going to play (though that guy is a beast, so i wouldn't be surprised if he does).

DOLPHINS (+3) vs Steelers
Andy: The Steelers have Pushed two weeks in a row, and I think they're going to win by 3. What's a brother to do? I suppose I'll take Miami so I can root against the Steelers without inner conflict. Dolphins.
Figgs: Steelers, but hopefully they still won't get in.
Nick: I'll go Fish. Both teams have been playing tight games, and Pittsburgh's playoff hopes end NOW.
Bucko: Steelers
Gopo: steelers - pittsburgh needs this win. they can finish this awful season on a high note.

VIKINGS (-9) vs Giants
Andy: Remember how we all took the Vikings the past two weeks and they didn't cover? Um, Vikings anyway.
Figgs: Too high of a line for a team that has layed an egg the last two weeks. G-Men.
Nick: I like Bucko's thinking. Vikes.
Bucko: The Giants might be sitting a few banged up people. Favre is playing for a bye. Vikings
Gopo: vikings - giants just aren't a good team right now.

BUCS (+2.5) vs Falcons
Andy: I like the Falcons in this one - they've been solid if unspectacular all year, and that should be enough to beat Tampa. Birds.
Figgs: Definitely too low of a line. ATL.
Nick: Birds. I feel like this should be higher, but the Bucs have burned me the last few weeks so I'm going to stay away.
Bucko: Falcons
Gopo: falcons - ryan looks like he's back. bucs come back to earth.

PANTHERS (-3) vs Saints
Andy: Panthers. Losing Jake Delhomme was the best thing to happen to this club.
Figgs: The Saints are obviously sleep walking through the finish of the regular season, and playing against a suddenly inspired Carolina squad. Cats.
Nick: Panthers.
Bucko: Saints
Gopo: panthers - saints can't stop the run, and that's all the panthers do.

TEXANS (-9) vs Patriots
Andy: I have literally been waiting all season to pick a Texans game where they have a chance to go 8-8, and here's my chance. They're 8-7, so on general principle, I have to pick against them - nice that I get 8 points to do so. Pats.
Figgs: The Texans probably win this, but 9? Against New England? No way. Pats.
Nick: Texans. Belichick's dumb if Brady plays a single snap.
Bucko: Texans
Gopo: texans - they need this game for the playoffs, and i don't think the starters play all the way through for the pats.

4:00 pm kickoffs

CARDS (-3) vs Pack
Andy: Who wants it less? I'll go with Green Bay, mostly because of how much Arizona has annoyed me this season. Packers.
Figgs: This is kind of a toss up, so I'm just gonna go with whoever is getting points. Pack.
Nick: Would you ever bet this game? Pack.
Bucko: CARDS
Gopo: packers - two teams that can't play d, but can throw with the best of them. i'll take the points.

CHARGERS (-3.5) vs Redskins
Andy: Chargers, even without their top guns in. These guys will definitely be playing all-out to get 11 straight, and the Redskins don't care. Bolts.
Figgs: Chargers.
Nick: Another game that I would never bet. Billy Volek's starting, but the Redskins are in total disarray. Bolts.
Bucko: Redskins
Gopo: chargers - why is this line so low? chargers should win by over a td.

SEAHAWKS (+4.5) vs Titans
Andy: Titans. The Seahawks have just been getting kicked around recently, even in Qwest.
Figgs: Seattle is really bad. Fighting Fishers.
Nick: Titans. Seattle's bad enough that their home field advantage can't save them anymore.
Bucko: Titans
Gopo: titties - seahawks are done.

RAIDERS (+10.5) vs Ravens
Andy: Fuck Baltimore. I want to be able to root for this one cleanly and direct my full venom at the Ratbirds, so I'm going Raiders.
Figgs: I'm pretty sure this is supposed to be Oakland +10.5 Editor's note: yes. Either way, Ravens.
Nick: I got in on the Birds three weeks ago at -5.5 for a few bones, further proof that I'm a genius. I'll take them at both lines though.
Bucko: This spread is crazy. Obviously I mis-typed it - Andy Ravens
Gopo: raiders - going with my heart here. hope the raiders can step up.

COWBOYS (-3) vs Eagles
Andy: Nice little Week 17 matchup. Philly's seeding can end up anywhere from #2 to #6. They'll take this one. Eagles.
Figgs: Close call, but I'll go Philly.
Nick: The Boys have shaken off their December swoon, but the Eagles have quietly won six straight. I'll take the Iggles and the points in what could be a very entertaining game.
Bucko: Eagles
Gopo: eagles - cowboys have been playing well, but i think the eagles are the most talented team in the nfc.

BRONCOS (-13) vs Chieves
Andy: Nick is right - the Broncos destroyed KC in KC, and they've playing for a potential playoff spot here while KC is playing for nothing. Denver, even with all those points.
Figgs: Broncos, but I'd be a lot more comfortable if it were three or four points lower.
Nick: My instinct says this is too high, but the Broncos did beat Kansas City by 31 at Arrowhead a month ago, and I think they help tighten the noose around the Steelers' collective neck. Donks.
Bucko: Broncos
Gopo: chiefs - i will continue picking against the broncos.

Sunday Night Game
8:30 pm kickoff

JETS (-10) vs Bengals
Andy: I'm going with Cincy. People have been underestimating them all year, and I don't see them getting blown out here. Bengals.
Figgs: I went back and forth with this one, but with Cincy's starters sitting, I'll take the Jets. By the way, this is the Sunday Night game and Den/KC is 4:15. There's never a Week 17 Monday Nighter for some reason. Corrected
Nick: Jets. The Bengals are a paper tiger (get it?) when they play their starters, and they'll get beat up without them.
Bucko: The Bengals will be playing it safe here. Jets
Gopo: bengals - jets win this one, but i think the line is too high. hope i'm wrong and the bengals come out to play...

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