Saturday, December 12

NFL Picks: Week 14

What a disaster. In the past 2 weeks, I'm 2-15 at 1 pm starts, 10-5-1 on other games. Nick picked through the Week 13 minefield to pick up games on everyone - perhaps that will assuage the financial hit he took by going against Cleveland. Bucko will look to improve on his debut, while Gopo joins the fray. Hopefully the Browns win on Thursday night so I can don't owe him a case of PBR again.

Last week
Andy: 5-11
Figgs: 4-12
Nick: 9-7
Bucko: 6-10
Nick's Money Picks ($): 0-1

Year to date
Andy: 101-90-1
Figgs: 92-99-1
Nick: 96-95-1
Bucko: 6-10
Nick's Money Picks ($): 26-24

Thursday game
8:20 pm kickoff

BROWNS (+10) vs Steelers
Andy: Time to hand these idiots their 5th straight L. I'll be there freezing myself for the club - time for them to come through for me. BROWNS.
Figgs: I picked against the Browns the last two weeks, and got burned. Not a chance in hell I pick against them against these faggots. BEER WE GO BROWNIES!!
Nick: Why not? LET'S GO BROWNS!
Bucko: Browns. I don't think they will win, but I believe they will cover.
Gopo: Browns - I was initially thinking that this would be the bounce-back week where Pit took the losing out on a team that's clearly worse than they are, but then I remembed that I've been thinking that for the last three weeks. Pit wins but doesn't cover.

Sunday games
1:00 pm kickoffs

FALCONS (+10.5) vs Saints
Andy: Saints
Figgs: No Ryan, I gotta go Saints.
Nick: It looks like Ryan's out, so why would you ever pick the Birds? Who 'dat?
Bucko: Saints
Gopo: saints - can't see the falcons covering with redman.

BEARS (+3) vs Packers
Andy: Packers
Figgs: I have a lot of faith in the Pack here, the Bears are no good.
Nick: Packers. I have no faith in this pick. There's no way I will ever win money off of this game. ($ -4)
Bucko: Packers
Gopo: packers - the bears suck, and maybe jay cutler isn't all that good either.

BUCS (+3) vs Jets
Andy: Jets
Figgs: I'm not a big fan of the Jets, but this is way too low.
Nick: How can I help my totals and help mathematically eliminate the Steelers and Ravens? By picking the J-E-T-S - JETS JETS JETS!
Bucko: Jets
Gopo: jets - bucs have some fight in them, but the jets should win this easy.

JAGS (-3) vs Dolphins
Andy: Dolphins
Figgs: Toughest one on the slate, Fish?
Nick: If Marty and Doc Brown came back in the Delorean and told me the score, I'd believe just about anything. Is there a tougher team to gauge week-to-week than the Jags? Dolphins, I guess.
Bucko: Jags
Gopo: yags - i think the jags are getting going at the right time.

RAVENS (-13) vs Lions
Andy: Lions
Figgs: This is kind of a toss up, and I hate Baltimore, so Lions.
Nick: I guess I have to hold my nose and pick the Ratbirds.
Bucko: Ravens
Gopo: lions - they'll keep it close (and hopefully win). i'm glad everyone finally stopped sucking off flacco (though he is a delaware product...)

TEXANS (-6) vs Seahawks
Andy: Texans
Figgs: This is too low, Houston.
Nick: Texans. Shouldn't this line be 9 or 10? The Hawks are awful outside of the friendly confines of Qwest Field.
Bucko: Texans
Gopo: texans - i might have considered picking the seahawks here if they were home.

COLTS (-7) vs Broncos
Andy: Colts
Figgs: I made a rule several weeks back to not go against Peyton. Colts.
Nick: Colts. Like the Saints game, can you envision anyone feeling really good about the Donks here? I'll take my chances that an undefeated team can win by >7 at home.
Bucko: Colts
Gopo: colts - though the broncos play some crappy dink and dunk football that could work against the colts d.

CHIEVES (-1) vs Buffaloes
Andy: Chieves
Figgs: First time I pick the Jills all year.
Nick: The Bills are the more talented team, and they've played decent football the last three weeks, including a win over the Fish. On the other hand, the Chiefs have been butchered by San Diego and Denver. Bills.
Bucko: Buffalo
Gopo: buffaloes - i have no idea.

VIKINGS (-6.5) vs Bengals
Andy: Bengals
Figgs: This is definitely too many points. I can see the Vikes winning by a touchdown, but I gotta go Cincy.
Nick: This is too many points, but it's tough for me to envision a scenario in which Cincy wins this. Vikings.
Bucko: Vikings
Gopo: vikings - i don't think the bengals are as good as their record.

PATRIOTS (-13.5) vs Panthers
Andy: Panthers
Figgs: Probably too many, but I'm still going Pats.
Nick: Another tough one, but should the Pats be giving 13.5 to anyone at this point, let alone a team that can run the ball effectively at times? Cats.
Bucko: Patriots
Gopo: panthers - especially with a shaky brady.

4:00 pm kickoffs

RAIDERS (+1) vs Redskins
Andy: Raiders
Figgs: Not really sure on this one, Skins I guess.
Nick: I really like the Raiders in this one. (Wait, I "really like" the Raiders?)
Bucko: Redskins
Gopo: redskins - another set of teams that are total enigmas.

TITANS (-13) vs Rams
Andy: Titans
Figgs: Titans.
Nick: Titans. Here's a big spread that I'm pretty confident can be covered.
Bucko: Titans
Gopo: rams - i don't see the titties running away with this. especially if vince doesn't play.

COWBOYS (-3) vs Chargers
Andy: Chargers
Figgs: Chargers are playing too well to go against them now.
Nick: This really feels like a Chargers trap pick. Too obvious, right? Sooner or later the Cowboys are going to get something going in December, and they need this game more than the Bolts. Cowboys.
Bucko: Chargers
Gopo: chargers - another team that's playing well at the right time.

8:20 pm kickoff
GIANTS (-1) vs Eagles
Andy: Eagles
Figgs: I like both of these teams, and think they will both make the playoffs. In order for that to happen, the Giants need this one.
Nick: Giants. The Eagles make me nervous against good teams in night games.
Bucko: Eagles
Gopo: giants - mostly because the eagles should win this game and whenever i think they're playing well, they shit the bed.

Monday Night Game
8:30 pm kickoff

49ERS (+3.5) vs Cards
Andy: Cards
Figgs: The Niners blow. Cards.
Nick: Cards. This almost feels like a Chargers trap game, except I don't think the 49ers are very good. On a side note, I had a private bet with myself on how long it would take Kurt Warner to thank God during the post game interview last week. It took about 10 seconds. That was longer than I expected. ($)
Bucko: Cards
Gopo: cards - its in the cards (and not in the cards for the 49ers).

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Andy said...

Nice work on the Browns pick, men. I only wish there were some way I could penalize Bucko and Gopo for suggesting that the steelers might win :)