Friday, December 11

Browns 13, steelers 6

I just wanted to see that score in headline form again. Look at how glorious it is! Look at how the Browns' number is bigger than the steelers'! Tremendous.

As you see at the photo at right, I was looking sharp for the game. Those pajama pants were a lot warmer than they looked - it was mostly my hands and face that were cold sitting up in section 346. Wow was it ever chilly, though.

Quick story - I was taking the elevator up to my apartment after work, and some unattractive steeler girls that reeked of cigarette smoke boarded as well. One Browns fan guy got on and was trying to rally support. I was first off and had to excuse myself past another nonpartisan guy on the 'vator. He said, oh sorry, because he was blocking my path, and I said, "that's OK, I just don't want to tough any of them."

The Browns looked really solid last night, I have to say. They did the things that a good cold-weather team can do - they rushed the ball effectively, they played tough defense, put pressure on the quarterback (8 sacks of Worthlessberger), and didn't make any turnovers. Brady Quinn was the classic "game manager," and that was OK last night. I hate to quibble about anything after a win like that, but if Josh Cribbs managed 87 yards on just 8 carries out of the Wildcat, maybe give him, I don't know, more carries? Just a thought.

I love watching the steelers' misery right now. They've capped an impressive five-game losing streak by dropping three to us, KC, and Oakland. Combined record: 9-28. Beautiful.

Cribbs postgame: "There are a lot of Steelers fans around the city so I hope people go to work and kick those Steelers fans." Agreed - I need to find someone to kick!

From ESPN: "The win was just the second for Cleveland's embattled first-year coach Eric Mangini, who certainly helped his job security by beating Pittsburgh, something no Browns coach had done since Chris Palmer nine years ago."
Um, that's true, except for Butch Davis' Browns toppling the steelers 33-13 in 2003 behind Tim Couch's greatest game ever. I briefly appeared on national TV that night.

Cribbs again: "They're going to hear that bus' engine all the way back. That's a lonely ride. I've ridden that ride for five years now. It's time for them to hear that engine all the way home while they look at the stat sheet."
I wish I had a video of that trip.

So that's a big one for us. We've finally got the monkey off our back. I finally don't owe Gopo a case of PBR for losing our Browns-steelers bet every year. After our first win, I said I thought we had two more in us. With games against Oakland and KC still on the slate, I wonder if we might not hit four. A fan can dream, right?

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