Thursday, November 12

NFL Picks: Week 10

Last week
Andy: 8-5
Figgs: 6-7
Nick: 8-5
Nick's Money Picks ($): 2-1

Year to date
Andy: 73-56
Figgs: 68-61
Nick: 67-62
Nick's Money Picks ($): 20-14

Thursday night
8:20 pm kickoff

49ERS (-3) vs Bears
Andy: Only three points? Did I miss something here? I thought I'd have to give a TD to take the 49ers. The Bears in their last three weeks have taken beatings from Cincy and Arizona sandwiched around a whatever-win over the Browns; I don't see them winning a prime-timer by the bay. San Fiasco.
Figgs: I did this last night and picked the Niners, but I recently had an epiphany, and something is telling me that the Bears are gonna win. (It could be the fact that I need Forte to outplay Gore for Fantasy)
Nick: Love the Niners here. The Bears are beat up, and they can't stop anybody. ($ - 3.5)

Sunday games
1:00 pm kickoffs

RAMS (+13.5) vs Saints
Andy: Here's how good the Saints are: they've won their past two games by an average of nine and haven't covered either one. St Louis isn't as good as Atlanta or Carolina - home or not, I see the Saints winning this huge. Plus I like them. New Orleans.
Figgs: I'd take the Saints -20 here.
Nick: There have been so many games year where the lines are huge, but you just can't imagine saying the words "I'm going to throw a few bucks on the [whoevers]." This is another one of those games. Saints.

DOLPHINS (-10) vs Bucs
Andy: What to make of a Tampa Bay club that looked unspeakably bad for seven games then trashed Green Bay? Who knows. But I've settled on a pro-Dolphin picking strategy after the past few weeks, and the Bucs are traveling and aren't coming off of a bye week this time.
Figgs: Each week I think the Dolphins will win but I pick against them for some Chad Henne-related reason, and it's burned me. Fish.
Nick: I really like the Dolphins here. The Fish are a good "no cheap covers" team against lousy teams because they use their running game to extend the lead and shorten the game. ($ -11)

VIKINGS (-16.5) vs Lions
Andy: Ya know, I'm going Lions here. They've been competitive with the Vikes the past two seasons, and I don't like giving this many points in any NFL games not involving the Cleveland Browns.
Figgs: This is really tough because I see the Vikings winning by right about 17. It's like the spread makers do that on purpose or something. I'll go Lions.
Nick: Total coin flip game for me. This is a good line. I'll go Vikes to try and steal one from you guys, and also because Vikings are just going to keep coming after Stafford. Five picks in Seattle last week? I think the Vikes running game helps extend this lead, while the defense just doesn't let up.

JETS (-7) vs Jaguars
Andy: Nice, thought I'd have to give a couple more than this. I think the Jags might lose to the Browns later this year in the December cold, which speaks volumes for my opinion of the club. I refuse to take them on the road. New Jersey green.
Figgs: I'm surprised this line is this low as well, the Jags aren't any good. NYJ.
Nick: Bill Simmons says "The Jets passed the Injury Point of No Return two weeks ago," but I don't see that many significant injuries other than Kris Jenkins. I'm writing this at 1:08, and I just saw a Jacksonville TD pop up on the scoreboard. I was leaning NYJ before that, and I'm a man of honor. Jetropolitans.

TITANS (-6.5) vs Bills
Andy: This is my favorite game on the board this week. I got off the Titan bandwagon a bit late, but I hopped back on at exactly the right moment, and have no intention of relinquishing my seat. Titans.
Figgs: I like what Andy said word-for-word. I also came back to the Titans at the right time, hitting on the last two weeks. They win by multiple TDs here.
Nick: Tennessee's starting to roll. They thump the Bills here and Chris Johnson continues to make fantasy owners very happy. ($ -7)

STEELERS (-7) vs Bengals
Andy: Allow me to quote myself from way back in Week 3: "Fuck it, Bengals." Cincy.
Figgs: The Steelers probably win at home, but this line is way to high. Why is Cincy still not getting any love? Bungals.
Nick: I stared at this one for about five minutes, but you know what? Fuck the Steelers. I would destroy Heinz Field with Andy Dufresne's rock hammer if I had the chance, regardless of how long it took. It might take longer than it took Andy to dig his tunnel. In the words of the Japanese from the whaling episode of South Park, "FUCK YOU PITTSBURGH! AND FUCK YOU STEELERS!"

REDSKINS (+3.5) vs Broncos
Andy: Not as easy a pick as it seems initially, though the spread is a bit low. But, Denver has taken a couple of tough losses after their fast start and has to head east. Washington's a mess, but I think I'm taking them here.
Figgs: Really, Andy? I predicted this line at 11. Denver all day.
Nick: Denver in my favorite game of the week. Hey Andy, thanks for gifting Figgs and me a game in the standings. ($)

PANTHERS (+1) vs Falcons
Andy: If it's good enough for Figgs, and the ATL always is, it's good enough for me. Football-wise, that is, not when it comes to that rum he and Nick drink here.
Figgs: I don't feel like the cheap shot at Calico/Admiral was needed. ATL.
Nick: Look at Snobby McSnobberson and his high class liquors. You drink Pabst! Hotlanta.

4:00 pm kickoffs
RAIDERS (-1) vs Chieves
Andy: I'm having fun with Kansas City this year - they've been good for a few covers here and there. They did lose to the Raiders at home, but I like them to avenge it here.
Figgs: What an awful game. KC.
Nick: I like Kansas City here - they should be a three-point favorite. Almost bet this one, but I came to my senses.

CARDINALS (-9) vs Seahawks
Andy: Arizona absolutely hammered Seattle by 24 points in Seattle earlier this year, so I think they can cover this one. That having been said, Arizona seems to screw me over every week no matter how I pick them. Oh well, Cardinals.
Figgs: I'm not really comfortable with this pick, but Cards.
Nick: The Cards have been really hot and cold this year, and they've struggled at home. They stay hot and fix some of their home woes this week. Cardinals.

PACKERS (+3) vs Cowboys
Andy: I've spent so much time picking on Dallas' weird lines that I forgot to notice that they're riding a four-game win streak on their way to 6-2 and have claimed wins over quality teams like the Falcons and Eagles. I don't feel like taking the underachieving Pack here, so I'll roll the 'Boys.
Figgs: I could see this going either way, but I'll go with the 'Boys.
Nick: I still don't totally trust Dallas, but I was prepared to give more than three here. Pokes. I added this game and the Pats game to my betting slate at the last minute. ($)

CHARGERS (-1) vs Eagles
Andy: Good matchup here, and a really tough one to pick. I think the Chargers are rounding into form, so let's go San Diago.
Figgs: I feel like this is a really tough week to pick. Philly, but with not much confidence.
Nick: I'm going Eagles here, too. The Giants are much better in theory than in reality.

8:20 pm kickoff
COLTS (-3) vs Patriots
Andy: Don't you want to watch this game? Probably the NFL's most consistently entertaining rivalry game snags the Sunday evening slot and should draw good ratings. Alright, enough stalling. I'll take Indy, in part because I see them winning and in part so I can fully support them when I watch.
Figgs: This is always the non-Browns related game I look forward to each year. I like Andy's idea of picking Indy so I can root for them.
Nick: I'll take the Patriots and happily pick up a game on both of you turkeys. ($)

Monday Night Game
8:30 pm kickoff

BROWNS (+11) vs Ravens
Andy: Browns are going to surprise a lot of people here by keeping this one a lot closer than the teams' first meeting. Monday Night Football often brings out the best in bad teams - remember the Giants game last year? I'm taking the Cleveland Browns.
Figgs: Why not. Browns.
Nick: This line is wrong. It's 11, and it's always been 11. I'll go Ravens at 11, and you guys can have the Browns at 14.

Editor's note: Nick is right; 14 was my provisional guess and I forgot to plug in the right line. I'm still going to pick the Browns.


Figgs said...

When I made this pick, I was unaware that Jay Cutler was the worst QB in the NFL. I won't make that mistake again.

Andy said...

I like how indignant you guys got when I picked on your rum. That made me laugh.

I also like the flak I got for the Redskin pick.

Figgs said...

I did really well this week.