Wednesday, November 11

More like "Cold Gloves"

Just end it now. Stop having the Gold Glove awards. If you're not going to award them to the best fielders at each position, then end the charade. This year's selections are a joke, especially awarding a fourth trophy to Derek Jeter.

ESPN's outstanding writer Rob Neyer made some excellent, incisive comments on the awards. In fact, they're better than anything I can offer, so I'm going to quote Mr. Neyer:

Regarding the outfield selections: "In the outfield, the voters had to choose both Torii Hunter and Ichiro Suzuki, because both had won eight straight Gold Gloves and everybody knows that if you've won eight you automatically deserve to win nine."

Regarding the voters' offensive-minded selections for a strictly defensive award: "And with Jeter and Hunter and Polanco and especially Jones, they just flat blew it, overlooking true excellence in favor of gaudy hitting stats or superficially impressive defensive performances. Well played, sirs. Again."

Neyer was particularly annoyed by the omission of former Tribseman Franklin Gutierrez, who was by most accounts the AL's most accomplished outfielder in 2009. Nope, Torii Hunter gets another one. I'm particularly annoyed by the inclusion of Jeter, who everyone knows by now is one of the league's least effective shortstops. Frustrating.

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