Thursday, March 26

Remember when 48-13 seemed good?

You know, back before the CaVs ripped off 10 more in a row to increase their mark to 58-13 and broke the club record for wins in a season with 11 still to play? This just in: these guys are good.

John Hollinger wrote a piece a couple of days ago where he said that his playoff odds calculations predicted the Cavs would clinch the NBA's best record on the final day of the season, which I found interesting. The race for the East's best regular-season mark is all but over - their magic number is just 7 over Orlando and 6 over Boston with 11 to play, including 7 at home. The CaVs are 33-1 at the Q so far - win out in Cleveland to go 40-1, and the East is theirs even if they don't even bother to travel to their remaining road games and both the Magic and Celtics win out. Enjoy playing each other in the East Semis, Orlando and Boston! We'll let you know how things went with the Hawks!

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