Sunday, March 29

Flipping the switch

A few snapshots from the Cavaliers' club-record 12th straight victory, a ???? win over the Dallas Mavericks:

2nd Quarter, 10:06: Mavericks 35, Cavs 20

Halftime: Mavericks 49, Cavs 47

End 3rd Quarter: Cavs 77, Mavericks 60

4th Quarter, 10:29: Cavs 84, Mavericks 60

Rest of 4th quarter: Cruise control

Serioiusly, that was ridiculous. They looked asleep in the first quarter, and then you look up and all of a sudden they're up 24 against a West Conference playoff-caliber team. "The Diff" was -10 in the 1st, +8 in the 2nd, +19 in the 3rd, and then, just for fun, the Cavs rack up the first seven of the 4th. Before you know it, you're 35-1 at home (!), 60-13 overall (!), and looking at a Magic Number of 5 to clinch the East. This game was downright comical for a while. Hope the Pistons are looking forward to their trip here!

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Nick said...

Dude, we don't mention "The Diff"...