Wednesday, February 11

Pro Bowl recap

I just now realized that I still do not know who won the 2009 NFL Pro Bowl. Yes, that's right, the All-Star game of the top league in one of my favorite spectator sports took place three days ago, and still I have no idea who won, nor any inkling to find out.

The funny thing is, I even saw a bit of the game. It was on at Scorcher's while I was watching the Cavs play the other day, and I caught a few plays, enough to remark how, even though I loved seeing a few of them out there, orange helmets look awful against red jerseys. But after I left the bar, I didn't once think about the game until Tuesday, when I read a funny sarcastic remark by Brian McPeek on TCF wondering (the day after the game) when the Pro Bowl was scheduled to kick off.

This game is irrelevance defined. It will be interesting to see how plans to move it ahead of the Super Bowl work out. What I'm most curious about is: will guys in the Super Bowl participate? I'd guess not, but the allure of Pro Bowl Glory runs deep.

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