Thursday, February 12

Deep!...In the Q!

Snapped me a photo from Loudville (pop. 8515) last night, thought I'd share with all the Cavs fans. This is only the second game I've been to this year. I went to the opener, which kicked off a 23-game win streak, and now I've gone to this, which will hopefully be the start of another extensive skein.

There were a number of things I wanted to comment on from the game last night but can't remember too many. All I got is:

1) The guy who shot the National City 3-point challenge had his feet well inside the line on every single shot he took. That's $150 of dirty money.

2) Loved the cocky kid who won the trivia/shooting game. You start at halfcourt and move closer for each correct answer; the kid knew his stuff and the questions weren't too hard, and he arrogantly breezed his way in for a layup. He answered the question about who drafted Varejao (Orlando) without waiting for the girl to say the multiple-choice answeres; on other questions he made her list them all and shook his head mockingly at each "no" before answering. Awesome work.

3) How does Moondog shoot from halfcourt that well? He shoots backwards granny shots and, according to the scoreboard, was 13-29 going into last night's contest. He went 1-of-3 last night, or 2-of-3 or 1-2, depending on how you want to count the one that got wedged between the boackboard and rim that LeBron went and tipped in. There's something fishy here - no one could be so accurate on such a long shot and they even had a video ready for the wedge shot. Strings? Magnets? Industrial Light and Magic? I want to know how this is done.

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Nick said...

I once made 3 of 4 shots on an outdoor hoop from 50 feet. Arguably the finest moment(s) of my hoops career, aside from anytime I wear my Stockton jersey.