Saturday, January 3

NFL Picks: Wild-Card Round

The 2008 NFL regular season has ended, and Andy has emerged as the champion prognosticator, finishing with a strong week to hold off Nick heading into the playoffs. We also learned that when Figgs goes against his instincts Costanza-style, he can be a force, and that Nick is equally hit-or-miss whether he feels strongly about a game or not. To recap:

Last Week
Andy: 10-5-1
Figgs: 10-5-1
Nick: 6-9-1
Nick's Money Picks: 1-0

Final Regular-Season
Andy: 136-111-8 (Not bad, eh?)
Figgs: 109-125-8
Nick: 125-122-8
Nick's Money Picks: 23-24

Fear not, football fans, because now it's time for the wild, wonderful NFL Playoffs, always a superb time in the sports calendar. I can't wait for some doofus to proclaim this year's postseason the NFL's best ever, conveniently forgetting that they're great every year because it's a great sport being played by its best teams. Are our memories really so short? On to the wild-card round matchups, where the unprecedented has happened: all four road teams are favored, though all by ≤3 points.

Saturday Games

CARDINALS (+1) vs. Falcons
Andy: This is a classic trap game for bettors to fall in love with the ATL because they're so fun and the Cardinals have been slop for the past month. Guess what? I'm sticking with Atlanta for all they've done for me this season.
Figgs: I really like this Falcons team. ATL.
Nick: Falcons (-1.5). I could totally see Arizona winning this, but 4 times out of 5 I think Atlanta beats them. The Falcons can run the ball, Arizona can't run the ball or stop the run, and Matt Ryan might already be a better quarterback than Kurt Warner. University of Online Degrees Stadium doesn't set off any warning bells for me, so I still like Atlanta here.

CHARGERS (+1) vs. Colts
Andy: Colts. Make it 10 straight.
Figgs: Don't forget how the Colts should have lost to the Texans as well, if not for Schaub turning the ball over 7 times in the last 5 minutes. But I'm still sticking with Indy.
Nick: Chargers. Eh, I've gone back and forth about a dozen times on this one. I'm going to go with San Diego because they usually play the Colts tough, and because I think the Colts are a mirage. Indy keeps winning games in ridiculous ways against lousy teams; they should have lost to the Browns, and they should have lost to the Jags two weeks ago.

Sunday Games

DOLPHINS (+3) vs. Ravens
Andy: Any outcome of the four games seems reasonable to me except one: Miami beating the Ravens. Baltimore is going to win these game, damn them.
Figgs: Man I hate the Ravens, and I'm gonna hate watching them win tomorrow.
Nick: Ravens, possibly in a blowout. Miami won't move the ball, and Baltimore will string a few conservative drives together. With Chad Pennington tossing wounded ducks, Baltimore's defense may outscore their offense, and I only mean that as like a 50% jab at Baltimore's offense.

VIKINGS (+3) vs. Eagles
Andy: I thought Minnesota would be favored here, and they are not, so I'm taking them.
Figgs: I feel pretty confident in the first three games, not so much on this one. I could see it going either way, but I'll stick with all favorites, ironically all road teams. Philly.
Nick: Eagles big. I liked Minny initially, but when I went inside the numbers I changed my mind. Philly can stuff the run, and Jim Johnson is going to get his guys inside Tarvaris' grille all day long. Look for some INTs from Tarv, and possibly a pick-six. Philly's short passing game will give them enough to cover comfortably, and Minnesota has by far the worst special teams in the playoffs.

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Andy said...

That was Rosenfels that made those turnovers in the Indy-Houston game, right?