Friday, January 2

Newer thoughts on the New Year

One of the perks of being an author of this blog is that, instead of relegating my thoughts on someone else's writing to the comments page, I can publish them as a brand new article. Even better: that article pushes the previous, original work off the top slot and replaces it with mine. So it goes today with a few thoughts I have to add to Nick's Cleveland sports New Year's article. I do suggest you read his first, however. Done? Great.

1) Cavs-Celtics does look very probable, and very enticing from the standpoint of a basketball fan. Too bad we didn't have this club last year when the C's weren't as tough as they are now. It's worth noting that Orlando is 25-7, just 1.5 games behind the Cavs, though their game seems less playoff-rugged than those of the two front-runners. The Cavs were the only one of the three major Cleveland teams not to disappoint in '08; expect them to keep it rolling in '09.

2) The DeRosa and Wood deals, as well as the Indians' bizarre odd-year astrology, make them very likely to contend in the AL Central this season, as Nick says. I'm not willing to add the "under any circumstances" to Shoppach, but it's worth noting again just how well he performed last year, especially at the plate. The two big ??'s this year are: Hafner and the starting rotation.

3) I'm trying to share Nick's optimism about the '09 Browns, but can't make it genuine. I do agree with his list of candidates; it's nice that the NFL's absurd coaching carousel made available a couple of experienced, competent fellows (Mangini, Shanahan). Hopefully the Browns can actually start building a foundation for success. I just don't know how much of that success they'll experience in 2009.

4) Michigan doesn't beat Ohio State as long as Terrelle Pryor wears #2 for the scarlet and gray. Even if the program wasn't in the prolonged stretch of success we're currently enjoying, that thought alone would make me happy about OSU football.

5) Nick Allburn in the 2009 Cleveland Marathon? Excuse me? Whatever happened to respecting your elders? The old boy Andy Francis is gearing up for the race as well and can't get so much as a shout-out from FCF's resident whippersnapper. I'm going to the gym this morning - maybe I'll wear my 2005 Cleveland Marathon shirt.

Nick and Andy will also be doing some triathloning this summer, including the Cleveland Triathlon. Both of us scored second-place age group finishes in 2008 and will be gunning for the top slots this year.

6) Bonus! The Cleveland State Vikings basketball team is poised to claim the Horizon League title this season and secure their first NCAA tournament berth since 1986. Go Vikings!


Nick said...

Who you callin' a whippersnapper Old Man River?

Andy said...

Even a young punk such as yourself can figure that out...