Saturday, November 15

Thank you, Fox Sports Ohio

Last March, I published in this forum an open letter asking Fox Sports Network Ohio to change the font they use for showing the Cavaliers' in-game scores. The font was far too curvy and it was hard to tell apart the numerals 3, 5, 6, 8, and 9, which was perpetually annoying.

Well, I doubt FSN Ohio's Cavs production team reads FCF, but they may have read my note and taken my advice, because this year they have a much-improved design. The letters are straight and clear, and there's no mistaking one digit for another. It's great!

So, regardless of how they arrived at the decision to change the font, I'd like to sincerely thank FSN Ohio for making this change for the better. You've made at least one regular viewer of Cavs telecasts happy.


John said...

I hate to say it but you should probably send them a note thanking them. Well at least that's what my mother would say.

Figgs said...

Send them a letter saying we should get FSN Ohio in Edinboro.

Andy said...

JHH, had FSN sent me a reply, I would send them a thank-you note. Since they did not, this blog post will suffice.