Friday, March 14

FSN Ohio

Please, please, please, FSN Ohio, change the font you use for your in-game scoreboard graphics. I have pretty good eyesight, but even close-up on a nice, big television, I have a lot of trouble telling apart the numerals 3, 5, 6, 8, and 9. They're all too curvy and it's hard to tell where in a numeral a gap is or isn't. The best example is the 5 - the bottom open curve extends up so far that it almost closes the loop, which would make it a 6. Likewise, the top curve of the 6 extends down so far that it almost becomes an 8.

I sent FSN a mail notifying them about this, but I'm not optimistic they'll change the font, even though it would cost them nothing, take maybe 10 minutes, and greatly enhance everyone's viewing experience. I demand satisfaction.

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Anonymous said...

idk about FSN Ohio, but i remember the world series last fall on fox and could only read half of the scoring box. Idk if this is because my tv sucks(which could be) or its just bad placement by FOX, but that annoyed the piss out of me, not that i ever needed to see the score because Boston put such a fucking beat down on Colorado that i always knew the sox were winning

- Wingy