Thursday, November 20


Yes, the Cavaliers lost to the Pistons last night, 96-89, ending their eight-game winning streak and pulling Detroit within a half game of first place...still behind the Cavs. It was a little disappointing, to be sure; the Cavs let a double-digit halftime lead slip away and lost to arguably their biggest rival. It wasn't cool, but at the same time, why worry?

Consider first of all that the Cavs were on the second night of a road back-to-back, coming off a second-half demolition of the New Jersey Nets in the Izod Center. Such games are always difficult to win, particularly when playing a tough team like Detroit, who had rested the night before. These things happen, even to good teams. The Cavs actually came out stronger than I might have expected, playing their usual tough defense to build a substantial lead until it unraveled late in the 3rd quarter. Though the Cavs players and coaches, and broadcaster Austin Carr, rejected any notion that the Cavs ran out of gas, both radio man Joe Tait and any amount of time actually spent watching the game say otherwise. Cleveland was uncharacteristically slow on both offense and defense, turning the ball over far more than usual and always ending up a setp behind the Pistons when on defense. There's a reason Detroit made 11 straight shots at one point. The Cavs were just a little worn out.

And you know what? I'm alright with this. The Cavs are still 9-3 and have played outstanding basketball this season. They're in first place. They're on pace for 60 wins. Remember six years ago when they won 17 all year? All year? This ain't no thang.

More interesting, from my perspective, is how the Cavs play this Saturday night against the Atlanta Hawks. The ATL opened strong this year, but have now dropped four of five to subpar competition and must play a home game the night before traveling up here to the North Shore. The Cavs have today and tomorrow off before hosting the Hawks. One would expect the Cavs to come out strong and post a solid win against Atlanta; let's see if they can take care of business and remain unbeaten at the Q on Saturday.

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Douglas Wright said...

Nice post - you beat me to it.

Atlanta is a scary team. The Cavs' new style is to push the ball on offense, and that fits the Hawks just fine. Looking forward to watching OSU and the Cavs pull out victories on Saturday!