Thursday, November 20

More like Phil Savage

So it looks like the Browns' esteemed GM had a heated e-mail exchange with a Browns "fan" the other day. Apparently, this guy had been badgering Savage with e-mails throughout the past few weeks, and sent this gem during last Monday's Bills game:

You are easily the worst GM in the NFL. Chud, Crennel and Tucker should NOT have jobs. How the hell do you play prevent defense the entire game? How do you NOT use Jerome Harrison more? Why the hell would you throw the ball with 6 minutes left? This is officially a regime that is worse than Butch Davis'. By the way, just like last week - this email was written while the Browns still had the lead.

First of all, where does one get Phil Savage's e-mail address? Editor's note: according to Deadspin, it's Second, why not wait until the end? The Browns did, after all, win this game. Third, go make some friends to watch the game with, dude.

At 12:17 AM, Savage decides he's had enough of this guy's trash talk, and fires back this pithily appropriate response:

Go root for Buffalo-f#@* you-

Yeah! Word got out of the e-mail via deadspin and the original e-mail's author, the latter of whom who went on a local radio show (anonymously - lame) to talk about it. Typical pro sports spin control took over; Savage offered, "We have both apologized to each other since..." without actually saying he was sorry, and coach Crennel said in his press conference, "Phil generally, like the rest of us, tries to be professional and hold it in. But sometimes some things slip out. It's unfortunate that it slipped out. Tough times, tough things happen. I'm sure that if we had it to do over again we'd do it a little bit differently."

Would you? It would have been neat to see Crennel come out jolly and say, "Well, you know, f#@* that guy," then chuckle a bit and offer the usual press-conference platitudes. Oh well.

Nevertheless, I fully back Savage's actions here, and I'm glad he didn't publicly say he was sorry. No, the e-mail wasn't the most professional thing for the general manager of an NFL team to do, but on the other hand: f#@* that guy. Seriously, fanboy, if you don't have anything better to do during a Browns game than send Phil Savage stupid e-mails, then we don't want you as a Browns fan. Go root for the Bills. Go root for the Ravens. Go root for nobody. Watch soccer. You're not good enough to be a fan of the same football team as me. We don't want you. Phil was right.

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