Sunday, September 21

NFL Picks: Week 3

Starting this week, I'm going to be highlighting the game's that I'll actually be betting on in green. I'll be denoting such games as "Nick's money games" in our standings starting next week so that you guys can give me a hard time about how lousy I'm doing, or I can rub your noses in my success.


Last Week
Andy: 8-6-1
Figgs: 8-6-1
Nick: 8-6-1

Year to Date
Andy: 18-12-1
Figgs: 15-15-1
Nick: 18-12-1

It's a dead heat between Andy and me through two weeks, and Figgs is close behind. Interesting trend: we're pretty strong through two weeks on the games we pick unanimously; our record thus far is 8-5-1. You can take FCF to the bank.

FALCONS (-6.5) vs. Chiefs
Andy: Falcons. Herm Edwards himself is worth -3.
Figgs: Falcons
Nick: Falcons

BILLS (-9.5) vs. Raiders
Andy: Raiders. It's not cold yet.
Figgs: Bills
Nick: Bills

TITANS (-4.5) vs. Texans
Andy: Love the Titties
Figgs: Titans
Nick: Titans

GIANTS (-13) vs. Bengals
Andy: I've got the Bengals at -13.5. They're playing for a lot, NY is not. Cincy will cover this.
Figgs: Giants
Nick: Giants

REDSKINS (-3) vs. Cardinals
Andy: This is a weird game, I would never bet on it. 'Skins.
Figgs: Cardinals
Nick: Cards

PATRIOTS (-13) vs. Dolphins
Andy: Pats. Big spread, big cover.
Figgs: Patriots
Nick: Patriots

BEARS (-3) vs. Buccanneers
Andy: Bucs. Only because the other day was national Talk Like a Pirate Day.
Figgs: Bucs
Nick: Bucs

VIKINGS (-3) vs. Panthers
Andy: Gus Frerotte? Sir Purr scoffs at you. Panthers.
Figgs: Vikings
Nick: Vikings

SEAHAWKS (-9.5) vs. Rams
Andy: Rams. They're awful, but jobs are at risk.
Figgs: Rams
Nick: Seahawks

49ERS (-4.5) vs. Lions
Andy: The Niners stink, but nothing is worse than the Lions this year. I was hanging with Detroit fans tonight and even they have lost the faith.
Figgs: Lions
Nick: Niners

BRONCOS (-5.5) vs. Saints
Andy: Broncos
Figgs: Broncos
Nick: Broncos

EAGLES (-3) vs. Steelers
Andy: Steelers (sigh)
Figgs: Eagles
Nick: Steelers

COLTS (-4.5) vs. Jaguars
Andy: rrr. Hate picking this. Colts.
Figgs: Colts
Nick: Colts

RAVENS (-2.5) vs. Browns
Andy: Browns, and if I had green font available here, I'd be there. LOVE the Browns at this line.
Figgs: Browns
Nick: Browns

PACKERS (+3) vs. Cowboys
Andy: 'Boys. Come and get 'em.
Figgs: Cowboys
Nick: Cowboys

CHARGERS (-10) vs. Jets
Andy: Jets
Figgs: Jets
Nick: Jets

This looks like a rough week for picking, and with the exceptions of my money games, I don't have a real feel for any of these games. Don't be surprised to see us put up some lousy numbers this week.

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