Saturday, September 20

Instant replay in full effizect

MLB's instant replay made its first overruling this evening, awarding the TuBerculosis Devil Rays' Carlos Pena a three-run home run after initially only granting him a double. Sure, it happened in a rout (11-1 Rays, take that Boston), but I love that they got it right. It took 4:10 - to me, that's worth every second.

I also now have a major new respect for Minnesota Twin manager Ron Gardenhire, whose club was hurt by the (correct) ruling and is facing serious playoff elimination, at least until the Indians boost his club into the AL Central title by sweeping the ChiSox next week. (Would you want to face the Tribe right now?) Anyway, Gardenhire on the call:

"The whole thing is getting it right. They got it right. That's all we care about."

I'm so happy. Thank you, Ron Gardenhire. Remember: this call went against his team. I enjoy that kind of sportsmanship and now definitely want to see him and his team make the postseason ahead of Crazy Ozzie and his Black Sox.

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