Thursday, September 4

NFL Picks: Week 1

Welcome back to FCF's weekly NFL picks! To make it a proper challenge, we pick each game against the spread. For the record, Andy is strongly in favor of legalizing gambling, even though he does this for fun, not profit.

The opening week is an interesting challenge. The guys who are real pros can probably fnd a lot of inefficiencies in the first-week lines, while guys like me who sit down and pick once a week think: how am I supposed to know if Tampa Bay is any good this year? Let's see how Kickoff Weekend goes.

GIANTS (-4) vs. Redskins
Andy: Giants
Nick: Giants
Figgs: Giants

RAVENS (+1.5) vs. Bengals
Andy: Ravens. I feel like one of these teams is going to be surprisingly good, but I don't know which. In such instances, I assume it to be the one I hate more.
Nick: Bengals
Figgs: Bengals

DOLPHINS (+3) vs. Jets
Andy: Jets. I'm alright laying these points.
Nick: Jets
Figgs: Jets

PATRIOTS (-16.5) vs. Chiefs
Andy: Chiefs. I'm not alright laying these points. I scored well last year betting against New England because of their huge lines; let's see how it goes this season.
Nick: Pats
Figgs: Pats

STEELERS (-6.5) vs. Texans
Andy: Steelers. Why can't we open with the Texans?
Nick: Steelers
Figgs: Texans

TITANS (+3) vs. Jaguars
Andy: Maybe it's a soft "J," like "Yaguars." I like this pick.
Nick: Jags
Figgs: Jags

FALCONS (+3) vs. Lions
Andy: Lions
Nick: Falcons
Figgs: Lions

BILLS (-1) vs. Seahawks
Andy: Bills. If this were cold, the Buffaloes would be favored by like 19.
Nick: Bills
Figgs: Bills

SAINTS (-3.5) vs. Bucs
Andy: Saints. Tropical storms bring out the best in this organization.
Nick: Saints
Figgs: Saints

EAGLES (-7.5) vs. Rams
Andy: I'll take the Rams in the Honorary Game of the Week I Would Never Bet
Nick: Rams
Figgs: Eagles

BROWNS (+5.5) vs. Cowboys
Andy: Browns. I hate you guys.
Nick: Cowboys
Figgs: Cowboys

CHARGERS (-9) vs. Panthers
Andy: Panthers. Sir Purr does not allow double-digit losses.
Nick: Panthers
Figgs: Chargers

NINERS (+2.5) vs. Cardinals
Andy: Cardinals
Nick: Cards
Figgs: Cards

COLTS (-9.5) vs. Bears
Andy: Colts
Nick: Colts
Figgs: Colts

PACKERS (-2.5) vs. Vikings
Andy: Vikings. Remember what I said earlier about it being cold in Buffalo?
Nick: Vikings
Figgs: Vikings

RAIDERS (+3) vs. Broncos
Andy: Broncos
Nick: Broncos
Figgs: Raiders

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