Friday, September 26


Blog co-founders Nick and Andy will be in the Steel City this Sunday, behind enemy lines, to visit our old cohorts at the stalwart Pittsburgh Browns Backers club. The group meets every Sunday at Peter's Pub in Oakland (by Pitt's campus) to take abuse from random Yinzers and watch the Browns head towards another losing season.

Nick spent one season (2005) as a member of the club, and was present for arguably the most boring stretch of games in PBB history, including lackluster losses to the Texans and Lions. Andy was a member from 2001-2005, experiencing both highs (33-13 over Pittsburgh on Sunday night, the Jacksonville Hail Mary game) and lows (every other single time we played Pittsburgh). Andy was also a Capital District Browns Backer (Albany, Schenectady, Troy, in upstate NY) in 2006-2007 and has fond memories of not-always-fond games.

Wish us luck in our return to the 'Burgh, check out your local Browns Backers chapter for a fun way to spend Sunday afternoon, and GO BROWNS!

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