Friday, July 25

Two Cavs links

Delonte West headed for Europe?

People like to rag on West for lacking the ball skills of a true point man, and I'd agree that ideally he's your sixth or seventh man. Still, the guy can score and he can shoot the three. The Cavs will always need shooters as long as they have LeBron. West and Daniel Gibson give the Cavs some young quality depth in the back court. Hopefully this doesn't happen.

Post-publishing note: This now seems to be more of a bargaining ploy than anything else (not that it wasn't viewed as a power play in the first place, at least to some degree), as there have been conflicting reports as to whether or not West was actually offered a contract overseas.

Why Branson Wright was canned.

Like the guy says in the story, it's funny that Wright was sacked for essentially freelancing, and not for his total lack of reporting/writing savvy.

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